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When I was 3, my sister gave me my first fishing pole and tackle box. Well, technically, it was my parents who gave me these gifts. They’d been given strict instructions by other family members and friends upon the arrival of my sister: “Make sure your newborn gives your son a gift!” I think the tradition is supposed to ward off any jealousy a child might feel toward their new sibling. Regardless of whom the fishing pole was really from, it worked. Instead of worrying about the attention my parents were giving my new sister, I was busy learning to fish. We lived in the country and had a pond in our backyard. So, day after day, I would run out to the water and try out my new fishing pole, taking our Doberman, Missy, with me for company. Missy loved to chase my line into the water, and I kept noticing she always grabbed the lure. I often got frustrated that she was messing with my well-placed line. How I was I going to catch anything when Missy rumpled my bait and scared away all the fish? My parents would look on and laugh at the ridiculous sight of us. It wasn’t until a few years ago when we were watching home videos that they admitted the truth. There were no fish in that pond! During all those excursions out back to “fish,” I was really just dipping my line into fishless, murky water. There was also a reason Missy never got snagged on my lure when she grabbed it — there was no hook on the end. My parents didn’t want me to hurt myself, so they didn’t place any hooks on my line. Despite the hoax, I still think fondly of my early days “fishing.” We moved out of the country a few years later, and then we were close to a canal that had real, live fish. I fished every single day until I left for college. That tackle box and fishing pole turned out to be one of the most instrumental gifts I ever received. Thanks to my sister — and really, my parents — a lifelong passion was born. MY EARLY ATTEMPTS AT FISHING HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER

catch one fish, I’m satisfied. It’s peaceful. For my dad, not so much. If he hasn’t caught anything after 15 minutes, he gets frustrated and starts fishing for snacks in the cooler. I guess my parents’ pond prank did serve more than one purpose. Maybe that’s where patience comes from: fishing in a fishless pond. As for my sister? I still have the tackle box she gave me, and we are closer than ever. It just goes to show that you never know what’s at the end of a line. –Russell Button

Fishing is now a chance for me to enjoy a peaceful afternoon away from the rest of the world. Even if I sit by the water all day and only



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