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July 2017


THE DREAM TEAM Why Jones Smiles Is the Best Practice I’ve Ever Worked At

When it comes to Jones Smiles, I’m one of the veterans. I’ve been working beside Dr. Jones long enough to predict his next move. My 29 years of experience in the dental field have served me well, and just last month

aspects. Not to pat myself on the back, but I have always had a keen eye for detail. I love carefully matching shades, shapes, and colors of teeth in an effort to maximize the potential of a patient’s smile. Whenever a medical professional is asked what they love about their job, they naturally reply, “I love to help people.” While that of course is true, I love to see a patient’s face light up when they see just how beautiful their smile can be. This is just one of the unique ways that I am able to help people with cosmetic dentistry. Aside from work, I spend most of my time outside playing women’s doubles in the Alta Tennis League. When I lived in the Pacific Northwest, I used to be an avid mountaineer, summiting Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, Mount Hood, and all the major peaks in the area. After I moved to Georgia, the mountains just weren’t quite the same, but I keep myself busy with the tennis league. After years and years, I have to say, I’ve gotten pretty adept at the sport, though as the years pass, my ability has, unfortunately, started to wane. I’ve been grateful for every minute I’ve spent at Jones Smiles. I’ve learned so much from Dr. Jones and the rest of the staff here. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a better group of people. Best of all, they tolerate my sarcastic sense of humor, which can’t be said of everyone! – Laurie

I celebrated my 4th anniversary with the office. The team at Jones Smiles makes all the difference, and the days seem to fly by. We function as a family and even the most difficult of days seem to pull out the best in us. Our team is such a tight-knit group that Monday morning staff meetings sometimes turn into social time, catching up on the events of the weekend. We all enjoy sharing our life experiences and inevitably end up laughing. It’s a great way to start the work week and truly gives us the family connection. I remember one time my daughter Hannah came into the office as a patient. Later, at home, she told me, “That looks like the funnest place to work!” It’s true, and we hear it from our patients all the time.

Dentistry has always been something that I’ve been passionate about, especially when it comes to the aesthetic

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