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Once the fixed assets are up to date, you can then run the depreciation for the required period.

By selecting the

function on the fixed asset home page, it will take you to the below

screen to enable you to run the depreciation for the required period.

1. This is the date range in which you wish to depreciate the assets for.

2. This heading refers to the accumulative depreciation account for the asset type in which is being depreciated. 3. The depreciation expense account is the expense account in which that assets depreciation will be allocated. Separate accounts can be created for separate assets, or the expense account can be the same for each asset type. 5. Once you are happy with the movements, you can select confirm, and the depreciation expense will be processed in Xero. 6. It is possible that the depreciation run may need to be reversed. To reverse this adjustment, simply select rollback depreciation, and then select the period as illustrated below as to how far back you wish rollback the depreciation. 4. This is the actual depreciation expense for the selected period.

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