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AN APEX OF HUMAN-AI COLLABORATION Collaboration between people and AI will reach new levels thanks to behavioral science-led design. “By combining insights from behavioral science with the principles of design, organizations will be able to create GenAI solutions that respect human cognitive limitations and biases,” Aradhyula explains.

ADAPTABLE ORGANISATIONS WILL OPTIMIZE VALUE Rasesh Shah, chief practice officer at Fractal, sums up GenAI’s potential for enterprises of all kinds. “GenAI is a critical necessity, propelling innovation and reshaping industries,” Shah comments, “It’s a transformative force across sectors. Early adopters wield a competitive edge, securing relevance in a cutthroat market.” “GENAI IS A CRITICAL NECESSITY, PROPELLING INNOVATION AND RESHAPING INDUSTRIES,” For those lagging, it’s time to get ready to take advantage. “Adaptability is vital,” Shah counsels. “Executives must invest in continual learning to effectively harness this


GenAI’s ubiquity will bring big developments.

technology. As GenAI advances, so does its potential, promising an era ripe with unprecedented opportunities. The significance extends beyond industries. EdTech, powered by AI, transforms learning landscapes. For corporates, investing in EdTech isn’t just about upskilling; it’s about future-proofing. It ensures a workforce adept at navigating the evolving tech terrain, fostering innovation within the organization.” “GenAI is the guiding light steering businesses towards a future where creativity, efficiency and education converge for boundless possibilities.”


“GENAI IS THE MAGIC WAND, BUT YOU STILL NEED THE MAGICIAN TO HOLD IT.” “That’s because much of the data involved in a person’s job is specific to the situation. That data is not present in the training set of GenAI elements. It resides with the human, and it changes constantly.” This means we can forget about robots replacing workers, says Narayanan. The reality will be far more enriching.

“Human-AI collaboration will be at its peak,” Aradhyula predicts. “Engineers and designers will come together more intentionally to envision and create interfaces that facilitate effective collaboration between humans and AI systems. This involves understanding the strengths and limitations of both humans and AI and designing workflows that leverage the complementary capabilities of each.” “We’ll also see more inclusive systems that prioritize accessibility. By leveraging behavioral science insights, designers will ensure that interfaces align with diverse user behaviors and preferences. GenAI’s personalization capabilities further enhance accessibility by adapting interfaces to individual needs. This integrated approach advances technological sophistication and fosters a more user-centric, accessible, and inclusive digital environment.” “HUMAN-AI COLLABORATION WILL BE AT ITS PEAK.” “WE’LL ALSO SEE MORE INCLUSIVE SYSTEMS THAT PRIORITIZE ACCESSIBILITY.”

GenAI’s power to boost productivity, especially in sectors that rely on repetitive cognitive and creative skills, will enable business growth without corresponding job creation. But that doesn’t mean humans will be automated out of work. This technology is designed to enhance human expertise, and its value will be greatest wherever humans collaborate. Nautiyal comments, “GenAI is the magic wand, but you still need the magician to hold it. No single job, whether a teacher, doctor, lawyer, procurement specialist, banker, customer service, or support personnel, can be done completely by GenAI today or in the future with our current approaches.”

“This will enhance the quality of decisions and the overall decision-making experience.”



Sankar Narayanan Chief Practise Officer of Technology, Media, Entertainment and Insurance, Fractal

Rasesh Shah Chief Practice Officer, Fractal

Raj Aradhyula Chief Design Officer, Fractal

“GenAI agents will likely become a strong substitute for manual subprocesses in areas ranging from supply chains to customer service,” he predicts. “This will force businesses to redefine talent needs and embrace continuous reskilling.”

Himanshu Nautiyal Chief Product Officer, Fractal



Volume 8 ai:sight by Fractal

ai:sight by Fractal Volume 8

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