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Groundbreaking approaches to challenges like security, data privacy, and transparency are likely this year.

soon. Yet a vast majority – 60% – of these skeptics will use (and love!) GenAI during 2024, whether they know it or not. Tech companies are embedding GenAI capabilities in their platforms and tools and in the apps and products people use daily, so GenAI will seep into peoples’ lives seamlessly and invisibly.” “60% OF SKEPTICS WILL USE GENAI DURING 2024, WHETHER THEY KNOW IT OR NOT.”



“WE CAN EXPECT TO SEE AT LEAST ONE AI-GENERATED IDEA, SCREENPLAY, AND, EVENTUALLY, A MOVIE.” reminiscent of the Google Play or Apple App Store, encouraging the use of foundation models by content creators and app developers.” become mainstream, revolutionizing training videos and content creation. In addition, we can expect to see at least one AI-generated idea, screenplay, and, eventually, a movie. A new ecosystem will also emerge, While some consumers are skeptical about GenAI’s impact, that doesn’t mean they won’t be using the technology. For example, avoiding it across media and entertainment formats will be difficult. “Anticipating the 2024 US elections, major social media and news platforms will introduce advanced AI-generated/fake content detection tools,” Velamakanni says. “Text- to-video, image upscaling, and image-to-video technologies will As a result, even GenAI skeptics will likely enjoy some interaction with it this year. “Consumers worry about GenAI’s ethics and human impact,” observes Leaver at Forrester. “For instance, 50% of US and 43% of French online adults who have heard of AI say that GenAI poses a threat to society, and that number won’t decrease anytime


“One result will be a ‘cybersecurity meets blockchain’ approach. Speedy progress on GenAI agents will likely increase potential cyber risks at the enterprise level. Expect to see decentralized security solutions gaining traction, offering businesses and individuals greater control over their data.”

To see GenAI’s direction of travel, look at the world’s biggest enterprises. As adoption grows among these leading firms, it will also shape how others apply the technology. “Over 80% of Fortune 100 companies will implement GenAI-infused use cases, as risks related to privacy and compliance get mitigated,” Velamakanni predicts. “Powered by GenAI, enterprise search, and website search experience will improve substantially. Business intelligence and knowledge management will offer insights, predictions, and recommendations. The near- universal adoption of these tools will boost productivity by approximately 30% in coding tasks, and AI automation will eclipse traditional robotic process automation platforms.”

Raj Aradhyula Chief Design Officer, Fractal

A RESPONSIBLE AI REVOLUTION As a young technology, the ethics surrounding GenAI will be a central focus throughout 2024. “Ethical considerations play a pivotal role in shaping technology’s impact on society, and in the era of GenAI, consumers, and enterprises will demand that they are an integral part of system design,” comments Raj Aradhyula, chief design officer at Fractal. “Designers will focus on transparency, fairness, and responsible use of AI to address concerns like algorithmic bias and user privacy. Prioritizing explainability ensures users can comprehend how AI systems make decisions. As GenAI progresses, it’s vital to establish and adhere to ethical guidelines that prioritize user well-being, uphold privacy standards, and mitigate unintended consequences. Doing so fosters trust in the relationship between users and intelligent systems.”

“PRIORITIZING EXPLAINABILITY ENSURES USERS CAN COMPREHEND HOW AI SYSTEMS MAKE DECISIONS.” of ‘explainable AI’ that ensures transparency in decision-making as well as responsible consumption,” predicts Sankar Narayanan, chief practice officer of technology, media, entertainment, and insurance at Fractal. “I expect increased scrutiny of algorithms for bias and discrimination, and rapid progress

Sankar Narayanan Chief Practise Officer of Technology, Media, Entertainment and Insurance, Fractal

Sharyn Leaver Chief Research Officer, Forrester

Meanwhile, GenAI fans will find ever more engaging experiences. “We are progressing towards a fundamental phygital world,” Narayanan comments. “Forget metaverse hype, Gen Z craves ‘in-real-life’ experiences enhanced by tech. As a tech-savvy consumer, I expect to see augmented reality shopping sprees and AI-powered escape rooms. “WE ARE PROGRESSING TOWARDS A FUNDAMENTAL PHYGITAL WORLD.”

“EXPECT TO SEE DECENTRALIZED SECURITY SOLUTIONS GAINING TRACTION.” These efforts will play alongside the regulatory spotlight that is shining on AI. “In 2024 regulators will place greater emphasis on bringing AI’s development and implementation under a regulatory umbrella,” notes Gupta. “This will drive enterprises to infuse legal expertise within AI teams.”


Srikanth Velamakanni Co-Founder, Group Chief Executive, and Vice Chairman, Fractal



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