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AS CONFIDENCE GROWS ADOPTION WILL FLOW Three key areas will drive the adoption of GenAI this year, states Allen at TPG Global. “First, existing providers, particularly software providers, will enhance their products with GenAI capabilities,” Allen explains. “As well as making it easier for companies to purchase it, that will also give people confidence that the technology has been well vetted.” “In addition, companies in all industries will experiment to find how they can use GenAI to boost productivity, whether in contact centers, engineering development teams, research, or marketing functions. For instance, if GenAI can digest vast amounts of internal and external data, it could allow analysts to spend more time reviewing research insights instead of processing the raw information.”

85% EXPERTISE 100% PRODUCTIVITY GenAI’s productivity-boosting abilities are already big news. That journey will continue, making huge impacts in areas where the pool of human expertise struggles to meet demand. “GenAI will help to democratize information in a wide array of regulated, licensed, and knowledge- intensive fields,” remarks Himanshu Nautiyal, chief product officer at Fractal. “That could be a doctor using Qure.ai to read medical scans so they can treat more patients and start them on their treatment paths sooner. A procurement specialist might use GenAI to negotiate and amend vendor contracts, reducing onboarding time from weeks to days.

Or it could be an insurer who uses the technology to dramatically cut the time it takes to adjust product details and documentation in line with regulations.” “Wherever 85% of the specialist’s expertise is enough, GenAI can increase the speed and efficiency of human experts so they can handle much more volume, more effectively.” Economic factors will drive this trend as organizations focus on maximizing the value of their investments.


“Finally, we’re clearly in a very innovative phase with GenAI technology. Just like the early days of the web, we’ll see the emergence of new players, business models, and solutions that take advantage of GenAI capabilities and result in whole new areas of value creation.” “ WE’RE CLEARLY IN A VERY INNOVATIVE PHASE WITH GENAI TECHNOLOGY.” Gupta predicts a shift in the focus of GenAI projects as data modernization efforts help organizations to enable the technology. “Enterprises will pivot from numerous pilots to a few successful production- level GenAI applications to unlock greater return from their investments,” he comments. They will also focus more on upgrading their traditional data stacks to support GenAI use cases, with data quality, reliability and security being the prime focus.” “ COMPANIES IN ALL INDUSTRIES WILL EXPERIMENT TO FIND HOW THEY CAN USE GENAI TO BOOST PRODUCTIVITY”

Terri Bresenham Co-Founder, Forte Health Advisors

“AI EMERGES AS A NEW BRUSHSTROKE, TRANSFORMING OUR FUTURE’S CANVAS.” limitless and, at times, unnerving.” Results are already being seen in areas like IT operations, as organizations use GenAI to build on the past decade’s IT investments. Product developers will see a new age of creativity dawn. As GenAI-powered productivity gains compress the development cycle, designers will be free to iterate more, test user feedback, and discover the products that make a difference for their customers. “In the grand tapestry of our collective destiny, AI emerges as a new brushstroke, transforming our future’s canvas,” comments Terri Bresenham, co-founder of Forte Health Advisors. “Our ability to blend humanity with artificial minds will create a new precedent for what we understand and how we innovate. It will feel nearly “Current projects already cite improvements of up to 40% in software development tasks,” says Sharyn Leaver, chief research officer at Forrester. “Visionary tech executives will seize this as an opportunity to strategically realign IT resources to unlock the immense creative potential within their teams – not just among developers but across all IT roles.”

“UNLEASHING CREATIVE POTENTIAL ACROSS ALL ROLES.” unprecedented business value. Businesses will benefit as their tech teams provide products and services that deliver better, more innovative customer experiences. Behold the age of creativity!” They will leverage this AI moment to create an environment that promotes innovation, interdisciplinary teamwork, continuous learning, and alignment with the broader business strategy. “This shift in focus will free up to 50% more time for employees to engage in creative problem- solving, driving customer-centric innovation and creating “THIS SHIFT IN FOCUS WILL FREE UP TO 50% MORE TIME FOR EMPLOYEES TO ENGAGE IN CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING.”



Vishal Gupta Vice President, Everest Group

“In 2024, ‘do more with less’ will be the driving force for enterprises,” says Vishal Gupta, vice president of research firm Everest Group. “Amidst the uncertain global macroeconomic situation, enterprises will prioritize prudent technology investments ‘ – data, AI and cloud will be key for unlocking greater value.”

Charles Allen Senior Advisor, Digital Operations at Asset Management Firm, TPG Global

Himanshu Nautiyal Chief Product Officer, Fractal

Sharyn Leaver Chief Research Officer, Forrester



Volume 8 ai:sight by Fractal

ai:sight by Fractal Volume 8

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