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Looking Back on an Excellent Partnership NEW DOORS, NEW POSSIBILITIES T here is something deeply satisfying about opening the doors of your practice for the first time. Any doctor who has been in that position knows all the hard work and sleepless nights that go into reaching that point. Likewise, those same doctors


know all that work is nothing compared to what lies ahead. What’s interesting is how these experiences can leave you unprepared for what it’s like to open the doors of your second practice. My partner, Dr. Michael Graffeo, and I opened our Westchester office over four years ago. When I tell the story about howwe opened our own practice, people assume Michael and I must have worked together before. At the very least, we’ve been friends since dental school, right? The truth is, we met through a mutual friend, and first spoke over sushi. Prior to opening our Westchester office, I spent years working as an associate at another practice. I was even offered a partnership, but ultimately decided it wasn’t the path for me. In my head, I sawmyself opening my own practice in NewYork City. What could possibly be better than that? On my way out of my former practice, I met a guy who was coming in to interview. During our brief conversation, I told him about my plan to open my own practice. Imagine my surprise when, out of the blue, I get a call from this guy a short while later. He told me about a friend who wanted to start his own practice in Westchester, and he was looking for a partner. At this point, I had my blinders on and my sights set on opening a practice by myself in the Big Apple. There wasn’t anything that could change my mind, but I agreed to meet him as a courtesy. Michael and I sat down for sushi, and we ended up talking for over four hours. Up until that point in my career, I hadn’t met another doctor who shared my vision for the future. We both wanted to start a practice where we could cultivate relationships and collaborate with general dentists. We could change the way patients perceive oral surgery, with an upscale environment offering the highest possible standards and quality. What’s more, Dr. Graffeo is one of the nicest guys I’ve

ever met. He’s an excellent surgeon, very hardworking and ethical, and truly cares about his patients. After our first meeting, I knewwe was the kind of guy I could run a practice with. After we met, we arranged for our wives to meet over dinner, as well. As luck would have it, they hit if off just as well as we had. Right after dinner, we all agreed we should do this thing. Four years ago, when we opened our first practice, we experienced some growing pains. We had to learn how to build a team and communicate with each other. It was a challenge, but each day was interesting, and we had a great time figuring it all out. Today, there is a lot of excitement around our new office in Connecticut. Everything in the office is state of the art, which will enable us to facilitate the best patient care. It’s impossible to say what will happen next, but when you have the greatest partner possible on your team, every challenge will be well worth the effort.


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