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Angie Happy Mother’s Day

How My Wife Built a Lasting Relationship With My Son

W ith Mother’s Day right around the corner, this seems like the perfect opportunity to extol the virtues of the most important woman in my life. I know, I know— I talked about my wonderful wife, Angie, in February’s issue. But honestly, I can’t say enough about her. Ever since my son Dillon entered her life when he was 6 years old, Angie has been the greatest stepmother anyone could ever ask for. Whenever you’re considering blending a family, it’s a difficult proposition. In high school, you often hear complaints from your peers about their overbearing stepparents. These are the adults who try and fail to be present in their stepchildren’s lives, attempting to discipline them without ever really being invested in their interests or well-being. It’s a tough situation for sure, and both children and adults struggle with forming a connection. But when Angie hit the scene, she made it a practically seamless transition. Immediately, Angie took Dillon under her wing and began to love him as her own. She shouldered the entire responsibility of motherhood without hesitation, chauffeuring Dillon to sports practices, supporting him at every turn, and making delicious dinners. Now, 12 years later, Dillon is 18 and still maintains a great respect and love for Angie. It’s awesome to see how close they’ve become. He’s unafraid to talk to her about almost anything, and she’s skilled at teasing out whatever is on his mind and giving sound advice. The other day, Dillon was out with a few of his buddies, and the conversation turned toward politics. The discussion quickly became a little too heated. To gain another perspective, Dillon stepped aside and called Angie to hear her take. “Don’t say anything!” she told him. “There’s no point stirring the pot with your friends!” It’s definitely some advice that I could have used at Dillon’s age, let me tell you. Angie is an especially big help to Dillon as he makes preparations to head off to college. As a finance manager for a car dealership in town, she’s skilled with money and nitty-gritty logistics — talents that come in handy when applying to and planning for college.

It’s a delicate process to find a balance between Angie and Dillon’s mother, but Angie has done a fantastic job every step of the way. She genuinely cares about him and provides him with whatever he might need. But Angie never wastes time beating around the bush, and she puts her foot down where hard-and-fast rules are concerned. Basically, in my eyes, she’s the perfect mom — stern when she needs to be and warm and loving in every other circumstance.

Though Dillon always spends time with his biological mother on Mother’s Day, I make a point to do something nice for Angie on the holiday. This year, I’ll be taking her out somewhere nice for dinner. It’s a small gesture, but I hope it can convey a fraction of the gratitude I feel toward Angie for being there for my son through thick and thin. She and Dillon have an uncommonly close relationship, and I know that it’s all thanks to her dedication and compassion. –Dr. Chris Colby


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