“... His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away , and His kingdom is one that will never be destroyed .” Daniel 7 : 14

strategic plan 2022-2026

I looked, and there before me was one like a son of man, … He was given authority, glory and sovereign power; all nations and peoples of every language worshiped him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away, and his kingdom is one that will never be destroyed. - Daniel 7:13-14 In doing so, God drew us to the story of Daniel, a faithful servant of the Lord, living in captivity in Babylon along with his friends Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Though they faced pressures to conform to the Babylonian society and give up the ways of God’s people, they stood strong in their faith as they pursued godliness, and God blessed Daniel with wisdom and the ability to influence. In the midst of an idolatrous culture, this gave them significance, hope, and a meaningful role to play in both the present reality and the future. Engagement, not withdrawal, is the model we see in every page of the Book of Daniel and the vision for Legacy and its students. Engagement with the world is not grounded on the expectation that we will achieve a certain degree of success, or that God will make us immune from the sufferings we see around us. It is grounded on the knowledge that God’s way is true and full of life and that it is His kingdom that will reign. What concerns Legacy most, like Daniel, is that God would be exalted as all-glorious and that students will come to know and love Jesus. As Legacy follows God’s path into our next 5 years, we realize now more than ever, its students need to be educated with truth rather than lies, be supported in Christian family beliefs, be filled with hope rather than despair, be guided in Christ-like character rather than in self-exaltation, be offered spiritual life rather than death, and be prepared for their life to have maximum impact. In the following pages, you will see that we have a plan and a vision for the future that we will vigorously work toward, but I wholeheartedly believe that what God will choose to accomplish will be based on Legacy living out its faith courageously as the staff seek to help students live with courageous faith for His glory. JAKE MULVIHILL, Head of School COURAGEOUS FAITH IS ESSENTIAL for students to follow Christ and for Legacy to advance its mission! Faith is so important that it is mentioned over four hundred times in the Bible. The first step in any journey takes tremendous faith and is an act of trust that we commit ourselves to. It is the heartfelt desire of Legacy for our students to find refuge in the sovereignty of God while living courageously for Him knowing His Kingdom is the everlasting kingdom. As Legacy entered its 45 th year of educating and investing in students, the administration, board, staff, and community took a hard look at our current realities and planned for our preferred future. The educational landscape has not escaped the rapid change that is sweeping all areas of our world. Legacy’s leadership recognizes our responsibility to think deeply and to act wisely to ensure that Legacy will effectively prepare our students’ hearts and minds for what’s ahead. Strategic planning is essential to realizing the goal of providing high-quality education while exercising responsible stewardship of our resources. As we embarked on this strategic planning process, our goal was to seek God’s will for Legacy and be obedient to follow it.








These initiatives are not the only actions we will pursue to make a stronger Legacy. They do, however, reflect six areas that have risen to the top as essential in the effort to thrive in the years ahead. As you review the goals under these initiatives, you will readily understand that this is not an overnight to-do list but a roadmap for a journey that will take several years. It will require the blessings of God, the faithful prayers of the school community, and the dedication of many to see these plans come to fruition. We are prepared to embark on this exciting journey with you and your student(s).

where we’re going Legacy continues to be intentional in training our students to be biblically grounded, disciples of Christ and courageous, servant leaders. Believing that one’s greatest accomplishment is to know and love God and one’s greatest lifestyle is to passionately live like Christ, Legacy is committed to deepen our discipleship opportunities and expand our leadership programs in ways that allow students to become practitioners, have real-life ministry and leadership experiences outside of the classroom, and form the foundation for a growing relationship with Christ. The importance of arming students with Truth and preparing them to engage culture biblically, has never been more apparent. As the world normalizes lifestyles and behaviors that directly conflict with God’s plans for His creation, and as the mental health crisis amongst students continues to grow, we will continue to provide life-giving support for our students and teach them through a biblical worldview preparing them to be the salt and light in their communities. goals 1. Assess and evaluate the extent to which Legacy is accomplishing the desired spiritual outcomes in our students and revise where necessary our spiritual formation model for relevance and maximum transformation. 2. Increase spiritual, emotional, social and mental health support for students by adding multiple school counselor positions and hiring a K-4 Student Life Coordinator. 3. Enhance the discipleship program by focusing on students receiving quality life-on-life mentorship, establishing personal spiritual disciplines, and being trained, through opportunities, to pass on their faith. 4. Expand the K-12 student leadership program , providing student-led opportunities that focus on individuals using their God-given gifts to influence others through Christ-like character, conviction, and self-sacrifice. 5. Prepare students for a life of service and influence through local and global ministry opportunities . 6. Broaden Legacy’s biblical worldview training program for faculty and staff to equip them to teach in a way that enables students to view all of life and learning through the lens of Scripture.

grow in spiritual formation

where we’ve been since the 2017 strategic plan • Created and hired a Student Life Coordinator to oversee the spiritual formation and leadership development of K-12 th grade students • Established a framework for Legacy’s leadership development program • Increased opportunities for students to engage in life-on-life and small group interactions with staff as a means of mentorship and spiritual growth in the Legacy Discipleship program • Launched monthly Biblical Worldview Staff Development that provides a system of training, care, and support for teachers as they teach the Bible, foster spiritual transformation, and enable students to view all of life through the lens of Scripture • Implemented elements of the Capturing Kids Hearts program into PreK-12 th grade, emphasizing staff and student relationships and community growth • Adopted a new elementary chapel curriculum: Orange 252

where we’re going We are wholly focused on and devoted to the core values of Christ-Centered and Academically Excellent in the area of deepening our academic roots. We remain committed to a growth mindset as we continue to build the academic programs and courses offered to maximize student potential. Our curriculum meets and exceeds that of state and federal standards without being limited or bound by those requirements, allowing Legacy to educate within mission. We are determined to expand opportunities for students to meet the needs of learners and explore areas of interest in this ever-changing world. We will continue to provide academically excellent experiences across all grade levels to prepare and equip students for the future. 1. Enhance student experiences through community building, experiential class trips, keystone spiritual opportunities, and hallmark learning experiences. 2. Focus on the academic cohesiveness and innovation of LCA’s PreK, elementary, and middle and high school programs by establishing more robust benchmarks for intended outcomes in reading and mathematics achievement while developing clear vertical alignment from K-12. 3. Grow Legacy’s Academic Intervention Program , offering deeper academic support to K-12 students while reviewing and assessing student learning benchmarks. 4. Guide students in college and career planning with expanded opportunities for internships and career path training while identifying individuals’ strengths, skills and God-given passions that will project students into their futures. 5. Continue to promote curriculum development by creating Professional Learning Communities, evaluating essential standards/content, and providing robust professional development opportunities.

deepen our academic roots

where we’ve been since the 2017 strategic plan • Incorporated the Design Thinking model in PreK-12 th grade, leading to more student learning experiences that emphasize problem solving, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, real world connections, and exploratory learning • Added the K-6 th grade Academic Intervention Specialist position to oversee academic benchmarking and increase student academic support • Implemented new daily schedules across all divisions designed to meet the age-appropriate needs of students at each level • Successfully navigated COVID, creating a safe and reasonable reopening plan that allowed students to be on site, learning face-to- face, 5 days a week while meeting the academic, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of students • Incorporated Chromebooks for elementary classes and implemented Google Classroom as the learning management system for 5 th -12 th grade • Offered over 20 new classes/opportunities within newly launched programs of Engineering/Innovation and Business across all divisions • Launched “I Love to Read Month” experience for students

where we’re going The future strength of Legacy is built upon our uniquely connected community of parents, staff, alumni, and board members. The Board continues to provide strategic leadership for the school, serving our current students well while also making sure Legacy is here for the future generations. Hiring, retaining, and training staff of the highest possible caliber will remain a powerful catalyst for multi-generational impact. Knowing that God has called parents to be the primary discipler in childrens’ lives, Legacy is committed to come alongside parents in their God-given journey. God has blessed and sustained Legacy for 45 years and going forward it will continue to be dependent on God’s faithfulness, his provisions, and being wise stewards of his resources. Together we will strategically plan for a sustainable future that protects and advances the mission of the school. 1. We will continue to improve the competitiveness of staff salaries and their benefits package to ensure recruitment and retention of exceptional Christian faculty and staff. 2. Increase investments in staff professional development resulting in high performing and highly satisfied personnel. 3. Develop a Growth and Compensation Model clearly identifying the connection between compensation and staff commitment to excellence. 4. Engage parents by providing resources and a community for the different seasons in their parenting journey. 5. Strategically advance our Board to provide foresight and oversight of the schools mission, spiritual foundation, legal governance and fiscal management; working to determine Legacy’s strategic plan, and oversee the Head of School. 6. Commit to regularly evaluate the safety and security of Legacy to ensure protocols reflect current best practices for school while conducting regular audits from outside experts with an intent to address emerging threats.

wise stewardship for multi-generational change

where we’ve been since the 2017 strategic plan • Initiated Friday late start schedule to build our Professional Learning Community for teachers • Cost of living salary increase was implemented and benefits package increased • Deepened a goal-oriented/growth mindset among staff • Upgraded security cameras and established a security partnership with 360 Security Services and implemented their CHIRP-360 community wide incident reporting system • Proactively protected Legacy’s religious freedom and biblical foundations as a school by drafting our Biblical Unity document as well as solidifying our core documents and bylaws

where we’re going The Legacy community has seen God bless our planning and praying for missional growth: growth that enhances our mission, protects our commitment to biblical truth, is financially wise, preserves our Christian community, maintains the opportunity for students to be known, and enhances student opportunities. We have seen and will continue to witness missional growth in many areas including enrollment, facility expansion, extracurricular offerings, financial stability, academic programming, student support, and student experiences. The Board believes Legacy can accomplish its mission and serve its students and staff best by being a three section per grade school of roughly 1,000 students. Legacy is fiscally sound, maintaining responsible business practices and generating balanced and conservative budgets. The leadership at Legacy recognizes the opportunity to strengthen our financial stability and provide for generational change through the growth of an endowment and a strong philanthropic community. 1. Methodically increase enrollment by 2029-30 to 1,000 students (3 sections per grade) by adding an additional elementary and high school section each year. 2. Make intentional strides towards endowment growth , pursuing a multi-million dollar student scholarship endowment and a Programs of Distinction endowment through designated and planned gifts. 3. Expand, enhance, and elevate student experiences through a growing philanthropic community , a robust Legacy Fund, and school transforming capital campaigns. 4. Follow best practices in our budgeting process and fiscal policies that will maintain the school’s strong financial foundation and systematically make gains in research-proven financial stability markers for private educational institutions. 5. Improve communication and missional impact through use of the Legacy school app for current parents and a redesign of the Legacy website towards prospective parents.

missional growth and stability

where we’ve been since the 2017 strategic plan • Grown PreK-12 enrollment from 479 students to 746 students • Achieved a major financial stability benchmark by having tuition cover 100% of operating expense (up from 92% previously) • Increased Annual Fund giving to an average of over $400,000 a year and established the Investors Circle, Legacy’s leadership giving society • Received over $6.3 million for the Legacy Campaign from our community • Successfully completed ACSI and Cognia re-accreditation in 2019 • Established both the Legacy Endowment Fund for generational change and the Legacy Reserve Fund for financial stability and economic unknown

master site plan with phased expansions

where we’re going Committed to excellence in the classroom, fine arts and on the field, Legacy will develop a master site plan as a roadmap for our future. Recognized as a leader in Christian education here in Minnesota with aspirations to lead on a national scale, uncompromised design and expansion of our current campus is a must to adequately serve the vision of 1,000 students actively engaged on our campus each year. Legacy commits to build state of the art facilities to maximize the potential of each student in the classroom and beyond for generations to come.

where we’ve been since the 2017 strategic plan

1. Develop a Master Site Plan that could include: • New playground • Classroom additions and renovations • Redesigned athletic fields • Addition of an athletic field house • A new welcome center and campus entrance • Dedicated student support center • Remodeled performing arts theater •

Invested in numerous building enhancements and remodels: • Installed fire suppression sprinkler system to the entire school • Created state of the art PreK educational space • Enhanced and added additional elementary and middle school classrooms • Updated the Theater with new carpet, lighting, and audio/visual enhancements Updated the HVAC system in lower level building A and the Sports Center for balanced temperature and air flow Installed the IsoAire Ionization clean air system to increase protection from potentially harmful airborne particles Constructed 33,000 square foot building addition, enhancing community relationships and educational opportunities with intentionality: • Coffee Shop and Commons area • Innovation Lab • Business Entrepreneurship Center • Locker Rooms • Weight Room • Band and Choir Rooms • Art Studios • Physical Science and Life Science Labs

Dedicated cafeteria and community gathering space 2. E xpand and update the current facility strategically in accordance with

the Master Site Plan.

where we’re going Legacy believes that the traditional challenges of middle school bring the greatest opportunities. Middle school students are unique. In this four-year time span, there will be exponential growth; physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Legacy’s vision is to enhance and build a middle school experience that supports this growth through intentional relationships and relevant learning techniques. The middle school experience at Legacy is first and foremost rooted in giving students a place to belong. A place where their identity is anchored in Christ. A place where students will know they are loved and supported. A place where their education builds a love of learning. Over the next five-year strategic plan, Legacy will be intentional about investing in our middle school. 1. Pursue high caliber administration , through the hiring of a Middle School Principal. 2. Hire and train uniquely passionate staff to support the complex developmental stages of middle school. 3. Design and build a middle school learning space that fits a holistic approach for middle school students. 4. Provide middle school students exploratory opportunities while incorporating an interdisciplinary approach as a way of learning to reinforce important concepts and skills and address real world problems. 5. Provide robust student support to foster healthy spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social development while engaging students in learning and fostering the development of social skills in a structured and supportive environment where each student is known and belongs.

middle School identity

Recent studies on Gen Z (born 1999-2015) indicate strong support for focusing on the early adolescent years. Here are a few of the recent statistics revealed by the Barna Group, Impact 360, and International Bible Society. Eighty-three percent of all Christians make their first commitment to Jesus between ages of 4 and 14 Three-quarters (77%) of adolescents say they have been successful in life so far and nearly all (91%) agree that they hope to achieve a lot in the next 10 years Thirty-two percent struggle with some type of anxiety disorder When it comes to dealing with loneliness, nearly half (45%) look to a non–family member—likely a friend—to connect with Forty-four percent say they feel lonely a lot or some of the time and 46% say so of feeling discouraged about the future The probability of accepting Christ decreases from 32% in ages 5-13, to 14% at ages 14-18, to just 6% for those 19 and older Seventy-four percent of Gen Z surveyed strongly agree or somewhat agree that morality changes in response to social circumstances Sixty-seven percent of church-going youth say the Church’s mission in the world excites them


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