Duggal® Vision to Visuals 2020, v1.2


Dugga l Gre e nhou s e i s a premier venue for any event . Our 35,000-square-foot event space and br idge views , a water f ront pat io and bar, cater ing, secured en t r y and yacht t ranspor tat ion services.

For more informat ion, visi t www.duggalgreenhouse.com.

Duggal Global Events i s a ful l service event p roduc t i on company

seamlessly integrates al l elements with visionary creativity for a lasting impact, whi le also shortening lead t imes and reducing cost . Hundreds of museums nat ionwide include works printed by Duggal . We take great pride in our global reputat ion as a go-to resource for exhibi t ion design and instal lat ion.

wi th an unparal leled abi l i t y to develop, manage and execute your vision. By incorporat ing development , de s i gn , managemen t , p r i n t , f ab r i ca t i on and i n s t a l l a t i on anywhere in the wor ld, Duggal


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