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Chronicles One to One A LETTER FROM RONNY Hello valued past and current patients, I hope you all are doing well and have stuck to your New Year’s resolutions if you made them. This month’s newsletter is about success and community and helping our patients feel better and live better. We want all of you to enjoy your lives without pain. We are the experts when it comes to getting people on track to a pain free life safely and naturally. Doyousufferwithorknowsomeonewho isnotsteady on their feet? Check out the insert for information on our balance and fall prevention workshops. You can improve your balance at any age. Come join us at one of our locations for a free workshop. We also would like to thank you for referring us to your family and friends. Join our referral club for special benefits! - Ronny Varga, VPO, PT March 2017 We have a great success story below that tells how one of our patient’s improved her pain. She is now able to get out of bed without pain and enjoy what she loves to do.

Healing Hands. Caring Hearts.

- Ronny Varga, VPO, PT

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“OnetoOne Physical Therapy is a top-notch facility. After three back surgeries, physical therapy is nothing new to me. My experience at OnetoOne was completely different thanotherfacilities.Thestaff isalwayswarmandfriendly, makingyoufeelathomethemomentyouwalk inthedoor. MyfirstdayatOnetoOne Iwasstiff, inpainandhadtrouble limbering up. Mornings were the worst and I literally dreaded getting out of bed. Not long after working with the Physical Therapy Team at OnetoOne I am able to get out of bed with minimal pain. It no longer took hours to limber up. I can get out of bed and happily walk my dog without any issues. The staff patiently taught me the exercises so I can now maintain everything I worked on at home. I would recommend OnetoOne to anybody in need of Physical Therapy services.” - Dana Colman “I am able to get out of bed with minimal pain.”

Our goal is to serve you with such a great experience that you:

1. Thank the person who sent you here AND 2. Refer people that you care about to us

DID YOU KNOW? Sciatica is relatively common affecting 15% to 40% of people during their lifetime.

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