Physical Therapy For Balance

Attention Seniors and Baby Boomers Back By Request.. Balance and Fall Prevention Workshop


• Have you fallen in the past? • Are you afraid of falling? • Has your balance become more unsteady?

• Has your walking become more difficult? • Have you started using a cane or walker recently? (Or have been told to... but are resisting?)

Balance and Fall Prevention Workshop Reveals How To Prevent Falls And Improve Your Balance.


As you get older your balance naturally begins to get worse. I see this every day and it can completely ruin your quality of life. • You start to hold on to furniture when you walk • You start to walk slower and constantly look at the floor • You avoid going out of the house whenever possible • You become more reliant on family members, often making you feel guilty about being a burden • You are no longer able to enjoy life (go out with family/friends, take vacation etc.)

And the more you avoid doing these things the more fearful you become that you will fall. This can become a self fulfilling prophecy!

Plus, the more you avoid moving...the more likely you are to experience depression, increased stress, muscle weakness, difficulty walking...and a host of other medical issues.

Here at One To One Physical Therapy & Aquatics, our Balance and Fall prevention specialists have helped 100’s of people from right here in the neighborhood improve their balance and get back to doing the things they’s what we do. So by request, we’re hosting Balance and Fall Prevention Workshops at One To One Physical Therapy & Aquatics:

March 21st • 4pm Delray Clinic

March 23rd • 4pm Boca Clinic

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