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Spring Favorites

Javelin Forte ™ Lavender Garden Use: Foreground Spread: 12-16 inches Height: 14-20 inches Spanish lavender. Improved disease resistance, large flowers, tidy habits and continuous bloomers. Lots of fragrant flowers in Spring and Summer.

Endurance ™ Marigold Garden Use: Foreground, Mass Planting

Dahlegria ® Dahlia Garden Use: Background

Spread: 10-14 inches Height: 10-14 inches

Spread: 10-16 inches Height: 18-24 inches

Next generation in triploid breeding- F1 African x French marigold brings the absolute best of both worlds! Extra large double flower on a compact French Marigold habit.

Striking accent plants with an abundance of unique daisy like blooms and super dark foliage. Good mildew tolerance.

Damask ™ Petunia Garden Use: Foreground, Mass Planting Spread: 12-14 inches Height: 6-8 inches Tidy plants have excellent weather tolerance and deliver season-long garden performance in sunny beds. Plants hold their habit longer than traditional petunias; don’t require trimming or deadheading.

Tradewinds ™ Osteospermum Garden Use: Foreground Spread: 10-14 inches Height: 10-14 inches

Delta ™ Premium Pansy Garden Use: Borders, Mass Planting

Spread: 6-8 inches Height: 4-6 inches

Spring or Fall, a landscape must-have: Weather tolerance for long lasting color. A cool season favorite for landscape applications.

Early season bloomer. Extended season- long performance in areas with cooler night temperatures. Excellent for erosion control on slopes.

Snaptastic ™ Snapdragon Garden Use: Foreground, Mass Planting

Lanai ® Verbena Garden Use: Foreground

Snaptini ™ Snapdragon Garden Use: Borders, Mass Planting

Spread: 14-16 inches Height: 14-16 inches

Spread: 20-24 inches Height: 6-10 inches Performance never goes out of style.

Spread: 6-8 inches Height: 6-8 inches

A garden favorite updated with stronger branching, mid-height plants that are more resistant to wind and rain damage than traditional tall growing snapdragons.

A dwarf snapdragon for early spring and fall bedding and garden border applications. Stronger stems than older varieties resist breakage from wind and rain.

Class-leading disease resistance ensures Lanai looks great from grower to garden. A huge assortment of bright and bold colors.

Penny ™ Viola Garden Use: Borders, Mass Planting

Spread: 4-6 inches Height: 3-5 inches

Cool season plant ideal for early spring and autumn plantings, with masses of tiny flowers that hold up to inclement weather. Tightly branched plants resist stretching and hold their tidy habits.

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