2022 Landscape Brochure | NA

Color in Every Region for Every Season

Summer Inspirations - Heat Lovers Bright Sparks ™ Celosia Garden Use: Foreground, Accent, Mass Planting Madinia ™ Dipladenia Garden Use: Foreground, Containers

Caldera ™ Geranium Garden Use: Foreground

Spread: 12-14 inches Height: 12-14 inches

Spread: 20-24 inches Height: 10-14 inches

Spread: 10-12 inches Height: 11-13 inches

Exceptional color display. Outstanding performance in the heat in both dry and humid conditions. High disease tolerance.

Flower intensity and heat tolerance combined with dark leaves and a spreading habit.

Tough as Nails: Strong vigor performs under the harshest conditions. Plumes go to seed later than other varieties, holding extended vibrancy throughout the end of the season.

Hot Blooded ™ Lantana Garden Use: Foreground

Calliope ® Large Geranium Garden Use: Foreground

Calliope ® Medium Geranium Garden Use: Foreground Spread: 14-16 inches Height: 16-20 inches Wide range of colors including unique novelties makes an impact in the landscape.

Spread: 24-30 inches Height: 15-18 inches

Spread: 20-24 inches Height: 16-20 inches

Sterile. Exceptional flower coverage. Ideal mounded habit. Continuous flowering throughout the season.

Large vigorous habit and intense color stands out in the landscape. Class-leading garden performance and tolerance to hot summer conditions.

Landscape Bandana ® Lantana Garden Use: Background

Dekko ™ Petunia Garden Use: Foreground, Mass Planting Spread: 18-22 inches Height: 8-12 inches

Beebright ™ Pentas Garden Use: Foreground, Mass Plantings Spread: 12-14 inches Height: 6-8 inches Super heat loving and adaptable to all regions. Extremely free flowering with quicker repeat flowering than many other varieties. Impressive blanket of color all season long.

Spread: 32-36 inches Height: 16-20 inches

Durable spreading habit covered with multiflora -blooms for low maintenance, non-stop color.

Spreads up to 3 feet maximizing landscape coverage and color. Best for larger, back of the bed installations or permanent plantings.

Magellan ™ Zinnia Garden Use: Foreground, Mass Planting

Cora ® XDR Vinca Garden Use: Foreground, Mass Plantings

Sunfinity ® Sunflower Garden Use: Background Spread: 24-32 inches Height: 42-48 inches Unlike traditional sunflowers that flower once and die, each Sunfinity plant produces hundreds of flowers all season long.

Spread: 10-12 inches Height: 12-14 inches

Spread: 18-20 inches Height: 14-16 inches

Consistent landscape performer with quick fill and bright, fully double flowers. Full range of colors, including the vibrant AAS winner, Coral. Thrives in full sun in mid summer.

Built-in Performance: Plant with confidence, verified disease resistance for garden survival. Premium branching and flowerpower for impressive mass plantings.

Summer Inspirations - Shade Lovers

Sonic ® /Super Sonic ® New Guinea Impatiens Garden Use: Foreground Spread: 12-14 inches/14-16 inches Height: 12-14 inches/14-16 inches Excellent garden performance in shade and under high heat. Large flowers and mounded habit looks great in landscapes.

Top Hat ® Begonia Garden Use: Borders, Mass Planting Spread: 8-10 inches Height: 6-8 inches Season long color in shade or partial sun. Tidy plants are excellent for mass bedding or borders and do not require deadheading, cleaning or pinching to retain their shape.

Imara ™ XDR Impatiens Garden Use: Borders, Mass Planting

Spread: 10-12 inches Height: 10-12 inches

Take Back the Shade. Worry-free, easy maintenance and disease resistant.

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