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We commit to bring innovative products to our customers, provide best-in-class technical support, and deliver impactful marketing. But what matters most to your success is that, from our farm to your landscape, we are obsessed with delivering high-quality seed and vegetative cuttings. Our diverse assortment ensures your landscape customers will be able to keep their installations fresh and elevate their landscape with our reliable, low maintenance landscape genetics in every region for every season.

Award Winner

Attracts Pollinators

Low Maintenance

Heat Tolerant

Deer Resistant

Frost Tolerant

Drought Tolerant

Spring Season Extenders

Asti ™ Osteospermum Garden Use: Foreground, Mass Planting

Happy ™ Marigold Garden Use: Mass Planting

Caleo ™ Calendula Garden Use: Foreground

Spread: 17-20 inches Height: 17-20 inches

Spread: 6-7 inches Height: 6-8 inches Heat tolerant genetically dwarf series resists stretching. Compact, with superb basal branching and fantastic uniformity in the pack. Superior flower form and flower coverage.

Spread: 12-14 inches Height: 8-10 inches

Flowers most abundantly when temperatures are moderate, so best used in cool seasons as a companion to early spring bedding crops like Pansies, Violas and Snapdragons.

Extremely durable color that flowers during cold weather and continues through the heat of summer. Excellent resistance to powdery mildew.

Itsy ™ Petunia Garden Use: Foreground, Mass Planting Spread: 18-24 inches Height: 4-6 inches Tons of tiny blooms form a blanket of color with durable, season long performance.

Freefall ™ Pansy/ Freefall ™ XL Pansy Garden Use: Foreground, Mass Planting Spread: 14-20 inches Height: 4-6 inches Very floriferous even in inclement weather. Tidy plants hold their shape when temperatures start to rise. Spreading habit is ideal for fast fill in landscape beds.

FotoFinish ® Petunia Garden Use: Foreground, Mass Planting Spread: 24-36 inches Height: 10-14 inches Extremely free flowering with masses of color all over the plant for long-lasting garden displays. Mounded and branching habit ideal for high density growing.

Summer Season Extenders

Carita ™ Angelonia Garden Use: Foreground

Sparkler ™ 2.0 Cleome Garden Use: Background, Accent, Mass Planting Spread: 24-36 inches Height: 36-44 inches Tough as Nails: Strong vigor performs under the harshest conditions. Richly colored plumes on well-branched plants for quicker repeat flowering with season long vibrancy.

Bombay ™ Scaevola Garden Use: Foreground

Spread: 12-16 inches Height: 14-16 inches

Spread: 18-22 inches Height: 8-12 inches

Heat-loving annual holds up to summer stress and provides reliable height and structure to landscape beds. More compact habit allows for larger-scale production in smaller formats.

Thrive even when temperatures are at their hottest. The ultimate summer mixer and a foundation of many best-selling heat lover Kwik Kombos™.

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