Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) 2022 Sustainability Report

Environmental, Social, & Governance

Code of Business Conduct/ Office of Ethics


Honesty We support a culture that nurtures truth, sincerity, and openness. Integrity We uphold our personal conviction to the truth and we fulfill our obligations. Respect & Collaboration We promote human worth and the dignity of all, and foster partnerships of inclusion and cooperation. Responsibility We strive for excellence in performing our duties and cultivate a climate of shared accountability. Public Trust As one of our most significant responsibilities, we uphold the principles of open government including transparency in our decision-making, public disclosure, and public access. Citizenship We understand we are part of a larger community from which we benefit and, in turn, are obliged to promote and enhance this necessary collaboration. BOAC adopted and LAWA continues to promote a series of ethical values to establish a standard set of expectations for LAWA employees and commissioners. These include:

LAWA aims to promote a culture that upholds the highest standards of ethical conduct by encouraging honesty, integrity, and citizenship in accordance with applicable laws, policies, and procedures. The Office of Ethics is responsible for: ƒ Coordination and compliance with the City Ethics Commission ƒ Referral and resource for ethics inquiries and hotline

ƒ Ethics and compliance training ƒ Enforcement of ethics violations

ACI’s ESG Management Handbook

ƒ Organizational ethics implementation For more information about LAWA’s Office of Ethics, please visit: https://www.lawa.org/lawa-governance/lawa-office-of-ethics.

Nighttime photo of the TBIT. © Brandon Tseng


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