Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) 2022 Sustainability Report

The 2022 Sustainability Report highlights LAWA’s initiatives and commitments to the environment, community, and economic growth of LAX and VNY.

2022 Sustainability Report

LAX workers prepare Atlas Air cargo airplane for loading ©Brandon Tseng

Front cover photo: The Theme Building and Air Traffic Control ©Brandon Tseng

LAWA 2022 Sustainability Report Several project milestones were celebrated in 2022, including the rehabilitation of Runway 16L/34R at VNY, Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) Level 3 certification for both LAX and VNY, the completion of the first major phase of the Delta Skyway at LAX (a collaboration between Delta and LAWA), and LEED Gold Certification of United Airlines’ LAX Technical Operations Center. LAWA’s success is credited to the dedication of our employees and tenants, as well as to our partnerships and support from local agencies, organizations, and business partners. I want to extend a special thank you to all our employees and partners who have helped LAWA reach our sustainability goals and milestones. As always, we appreciate our passengers’ and local communities’ continued support and involvement throughout the year. We will continue to be a leader in sustainable aviation, driving our efforts towards making our airports greener and ultimately carbon neutral by 2045. to LAX › Introduction of two major incentive programs for cleaner vehicles at LAX: the Zero and Near-Zero Emission Heavy Duty Vehicle Incentive Program and the Ground Service Equipment Incentive Program › Partnership with Cornell University to offer the first- of-its-kind Airport Hospitality Program to LAWA staff › Celebration of the first graduating class of the BuildLAX Academy, which helps small and local businesses compete for bidding opportunities with LAX contractors › Completion of a Pilot Best Management Practice (BMP) Study at LAX to assess the effectiveness of filters that remove pollutants to improve storm water quality › Donation of approximately 36.3 tons of food through the LAX Harvest Food Donation Program, which is twice the amount donated in 2018, as well as diversion of 139.4 tons of food at LAX through the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation’s Food Waste Recycling Program, a 71% increase over tons recycled in 2018 › Production of nearly two million kilowatt-hours of energy on the VNY campus through on-site solar As always, LAWA’s success is attributed to the dedication and hard work of our employees with the support of local agencies, organizations, and business partners. I am honored and thankful for the opportunity to work with such enthusiastic individuals and organizations that are dedicated to advancing sustainability at LAWA. Together, we will continue working hard towards the new sustainability goals and targets in the years to come, and ensure that LAWA remains a leader in sustainability and resiliency in the aviation industry.

Sustainability Report for our two airports—Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Van Nuys Airport (VNY) that has been developed

by our talented and dedicated team. Under Mayor Garcetti’s vision and leadership, LAWA continues to lead by example by making impactful changes to reduce and mitigate our carbon footprint, and manage our financial and operational practices in a sustainable manner, while also supporting the health and well- being of our employees, airport guests and those living in our surrounding communities. For LAWA, 2019 was a very special year as we set forth our bolder new vision for sustainability through the development of the Sustainability Action Plan (SAP): Boldly Moving to Zero. This new comprehensive sustainability plan lays out a roadmap with ambitious sustainability goals and targets for LAWA airports. Key targets set out in the Plan include: › Achieve carbon neutrality at LAX by 2045; › Attain 100 percent renewable electricity by 2045; › Eliminate potable water consumption for non- potable uses by 2045; and › Divert 50 percent of non-construction waste by 2035. While achieving these ambitious goals and targets will not be easy, LAWA has been building the foundation and pushing the envelope on sustainability actions in the aviation industry for over a decade. LAWA will continue seeking innovative technologies and solutions to lead the way in airport sustainability, and will continue to engage appropriate airlines, business partners and community organizations as we move forward. The SAP reaffirms LAWA’s commitment to setting the gold standard in sustainability for the people of Los Angeles and the world.

Message from Chief Executive Officer

Dear Readers,

ƒ Met 2023 goal of 20% zero emissions bus fleet ƒ Met 2025 goal of 25% waste diversion ƒ Received the first delivery of unleaded aviation fuel for general aviation aircraft at VNY ƒ Received first train car delivery for the Automated People Mover (APM) ƒ Updated LAWA’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Purchasing Policy requiring 25% EV sedan fleet by 2023 and 100% by December 2031 ƒ Achieved Envision Gold for the APM ƒ Established the LAX Residential Sound Insulation Program RSIP to provide sound insulation for approximately 2,385 eligible units in El Segundo and City of Los Angeles communities near LAX ƒ Increased the number of acres irrigated with reclaimed water to 66.8% of all landscaped areas at LAX ƒ Received two awards for the LAX Economy Parking Facility, recognizing its innovative and unique design for sustainable construction ƒ Held and sponsored 65 community and employee engagement events

I am pleased to share with you the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) 2022 Sustainability Report for Los Angeles International Airport

(LAX) and Van Nuys Airport (VNY). The Report was developed by our Environmental Programs Division and summarizes LAWA’s continuous efforts to make sustainability foundational to LAWA’s culture. The focus of the 2022 Sustainability Report is to highlight our efforts to provide and enhance sustainability across all LAWA modes of transportation. It also highlights our achievements and updates our progress toward LAWA’s Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) targets developed in 2019. Key highlights of LAWA’s sustainability performance in 2022 include: ƒ Met 2025 goal of 15% reduction of energy use per passenger ƒ Increased Sustainable Aviation Fuel usage at LAX

Justin Erbacci



Contents Acknowledgements............................................................... 4 Acronyms List...........................................................................5 Executive Summary...............................................................6 Environmental, Social, and Governance.......................8 Awards......................................................................................... 12 Sustainability Action Plan Update.................................14 Corporate Responsibility....................................................16 Energy Management...........................................................23 Water Management.............................................................27 Air Emissions Management.............................................30 Material Resources Management..................................37 Sustainable Construction Practices.............................39 Noise Management..............................................................42 Natural Resources Management...................................45 Green Bond Section.............................................................47 LAWA by the Numbers........................................................51

LAWA 2022 Sustainability Report

3 West Gates at Tom Bradley International Terminal (formerly Midfield Satellite Concourse North) ©Brandon Tseng



The LAWA Environmental Programs Division would like to thank the following divisions and individuals for contributing information to the 2022 LAWA Sustainability Report.


Parking Services: Elias Constantinides; Guest Experience: Catalina Saldivar Chavez,

ƒ Hans Thilenius, Deputy Executive Director, Terminal Development and Improvement Program ƒ Dave Jones, Deputy Executive Director, Commercial Development ƒ Richard Connolly, Deputy Executive Director, Facilities Management ƒ Emery Molnar, Deputy Executive Director, Airport Development Program ƒ David Reich, Deputy Executive Director, Mobility Planning and Strategy ƒ Doug Webster, Deputy Executive Director, Operations ƒ Paul Herrera, VNY Airport Manager

ƒ Beatrice C. Hsu, President ƒ Valeria C. Velasco, Vice President ƒ Vanessa Aramayo

ƒ Matthew M. Johnson ƒ Nicholas P. Roxborough ƒ Karim Webb

Marie O’Kelly-Green, Heidi Huebner, Gadelynn Gaddi; Planning and Development: Juan Yanez, George Beshay, Rosa Brice, Amy Imamura, James Owen, Frank Montoya; Human Resources: Minerva Gutierrez, Rodrix Jennings, Joseph Ranoia; Procurement: Jason Flannigan, Brian Haig, Jamaal Avilez; Rideshare: Melissa Molina, Richard Rivera, Yvonne Wei; Financial Reporting: Rosalyn Wong; Perla Togonon, Jennifer Wong, Nerida Esguerra; Public Relations: Dae Levine, Jessica Merritt, Victoria Spilabotte; Community Relations: Nicole Carcel; Van Nuys Airport: Christian Moreno, Anthony Goff, Belinda Quinteros, Diana Sanchez, Christopher Mireles; Los Angeles Department of Water and Power: Evelina Tverdohleb, Hugo Sanchez; SoCal Gas: Noreen Chambers; LA Sanitation & Environment: James Roska; The Bay Foundation : Chris Enyart, Maggie Jenkins; Menzies Aviation/LAXFuel Corp: Enrique Gaytan, Paul Hebbard; Aeroplex Group Partners: Curt Castagna; Jet-set Offset: Theresa Corey; Psomas: Ann Johnston, Irena Mendez, Richard Lewis, Lindsay Messett, Jonathan Aguayo. Also thank you to those we might have missed!

LAWA CEO, DEPUTY EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS, AND DIRECTORS ƒ Justin Erbacci, Chief Executive Officer ƒ Samantha Bricker, Chief Sustainability and Revenue Management Officer ƒ Michael Christensen, Chief Operations and Maintenance Officer ƒ Terri Mestas, Chief Development Officer ƒ Becca Doten, Chief Airport Affairs Officer ƒ Cecil Rhambo, Chief of Airport Police ƒ Louis Gutierrez, Chief Human Capital and Equity Officer ƒ Tatiana Starostina, Chief Financial Officer ƒ Ian Law, Chief Digital Transformation Officer ƒ Jacob Adams, Deputy Executive Director, LAMP ƒ Harold Samms, Deputy Executive Director, LAMP Performance ƒ Robert Falcon, Deputy Executive Director, Development Group Enterprise Services Division ƒ Martin Elam, Deputy Executive Director, Public Safety and Security ƒ Aura Moore, Deputy Executive Director, Information Management and Technology


ƒ Jacob Haik ƒ Carter Atkins ƒ Tina Backstrom ƒ Mahsa Ostowari ƒ Nebu John

ƒ Lisa Dugas ƒ Charlynn Rachell ƒ Kathryn Pantoja ƒ Ryan Page ƒ David Chan ƒ Dan Yeung ƒ Robert Freeman

ƒ Lauren Paladino ƒ Genevieve Lahey ƒ Amylou Canonizado

LAWA DIVISIONS AND PARTNERS Business and Jobs Resources: Amber Meshack, Lisette Covarrubias, Joon Lee; Facilities, Maintenance & Utilities: Nicholas Hess, Andrew Jercha, Conor Roche, Terry Robinson, Arturo Rios, Tyrone Jessamy, Zafar Khan; Landside Management and Airport Permits: Shirlene Sue;


LAWA 2022 Sustainability Report





Airport Carbon Accreditation

Environmental Product Declaration

Liquid Petroleum Gas




Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Aviation Careers Education Airports Council International Airports Council International- North America

El Segundo Blue Butterfly

Local Small Business Enterprise Million British Thermal Units Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program



Environmental, Social, and Governance


Energy Use Intensity


Electric Vehicle



Midfield Satellite Concourse


Federal Aviation Administration

MTCO 2 e

Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent

Fly Quieter Program


Alternative Fuel Vehicle Airport Police Facility Automated People Mover Airport Response Team Airport Service Quality




Fiscal Year

Noise Monitoring Terminals


Green Bond Principles


Noise and Operations Monitoring System

Greenhouse Gas


Nitrogen Oxides

Ground Service Equipment


Pets Unstressing Passengers




Airfield and Terminal Modernization Project




Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling


Quieter Nights Program


Battery Electric Vehicle

International Capital Market Association Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure Intermodal Transportation Facility Thousand British Thermal Units

Residential Sound Insulation Program

Best Management Practices Board of Airport Commissioners



Receiving Station X



Secured Area Access Project Sustainable Aviation Fuel Sustainability Action Plan Small Business Enterprise

Construction & Demolition



Credential Authentication Technology Coastal Dunes Improvement Project


Key Performance Indicator


Kilovolt Kilowatt

Chief Executive Officer



Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


Code of Federal Regulations Capital Improvement Program


Kilowatt Hour


Los Angeles Sanitation & Environment Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Landside Access Modernization Programs


The Bay Foundation

Compressed Natural Gas

Transportation Management Organization Transportation Security Administration United States Department of Agriculture United States Green Building Council


Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility Coastal Dunes Improvement Project




Central Terminal Area Central Utility Plant




Local Business Enterprise Light-emitting Diode

Design-Build Institute of America Design and Construction Handbook Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Existing Building Energy & Water Efficiency


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design



Liquid Natural Gas


Executive Summary

The 2022 Sustainability Report highlights LAWA’s initiatives and commitments to the environment, community, and economic growth of LAX and VNY. In 2022, LAWA continued to grow by advancing sustainability initiatives, workforce and community engagement, and the implementation of sustainable construction projects. LAX also returned to near pre- pandemic operations and passengers.

West Gates at Tom Bradley International Terminal (formerly Midfield Satellite Concourse North) ©Brandon Tseng

LAWA 2022 Sustainability Report

Sustainability Performance at LAWA Sustainability performance, goals, and targets at LAX and VNY are categorized under the following focus areas:

Annual Sustainability Report was identified as the suitable place for LAWA to report on the progress of Green Bond funded projects and a section in this years report has been dedicated to these updates. LAWA was recognized with 23 awards in 2022 for its continued efforts on advancing sustainability. Key successes from 2022 include: ƒ Reduction in stormwater pollutant concentrations within all LAX drainage basins (Dominguez, Argo, and Imperial Drainage Areas) ƒ Increase in EV charging stations to a total of 949 at LAX ƒ Acquisition of LAX’s first electric heavy-duty truck ƒ First delivery of unleaded aviation fuel at VNY ƒ Launch of commuteLAX’s Transit Pass Program ƒ Met 2023 goal of 20% zero emission bus fleet early ƒ Increase in LAX waste diversion rate ƒ Success with food waste diversion programs ƒ Significant removal of non-native plants from the LAX Dunes

Energy Management

Water Management

Air Emissions Management

Corporate Responsibility

Material Resources Management

Noise Management

Natural Resources Management

In 2022, passenger levels increased 37% and operations increased 10% at LAX over 2021 levels.

Community and employee engagement remained high in 2022 as LAWA organized, hosted, or sponsored 65 events. LAWA advanced business diversity and local worker development through business participation initiatives and programs such as HireLAX. Sustainable construction moved ahead with projects such as Terminal 3 reopening, the APM and the Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility (ConRAC) progressing among others, and many upcoming projects. Several LAX projects acquired Green Bonds to finance sustainable construction. Green Bonds are awarded to projects aimed at increasing sustainability through the application of sustainable design features, identification of goals, and required reporting on annual progress towards meeting the project’s objectives until Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or a sustainability rating system equivalent certification is obtained. The

For the first time in LAWA’s Annual Sustainability Report series, the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework is incorporated as an element of the report, which are indicated with E, S, and G symbols.

As passengers and operations increased, water and energy use per passenger decreased, demonstrating increased efficiency across LAX facilities. While operations decreased 6% at VNY, other programs and initiatives continued to progress, such as the on-going implementation of new solar power projects.


Environmental, Social, & Governance

Environmental, Social, & Governance LAWA strives to be economically sustainable, inclusive, and socially and environmentally responsible through its design, construction and operations. Increasingly, airports and other organizations have begun to adopt the ESG reporting framework. The framework was developed to help innovate inter-capital investment programs, increase organizational Governance E S G G

Look for the ESG icons throughout the report for metrics associated with LAWA’s ESG reporting.

efficiency, facilitate compliance, identify and mitigate risk, enable self-reflection on industry standards, and integrate purpose in organizational messaging. ESG frameworks are a valuable tool for investors and shareholders to analyze an organization’s practices. ESG reporting looks at key performance indicators (KPIs) to analyze an organizations performance commitment and innovation in environmental, social and governance topics. Historically, LAWA’s Annual Sustainability Reports have included KPIs that fit into the ESG framework. For the first time, LAWA initiatives that fit into ESG categories are identified with E, S, or G icons, as shown above, alongside the metric or story throughout this report. The next page includes definitions of the three categories and examples from this year’s Sustainability Report. While the majority of the Annual Sustainability Report incorporates environmental and social KPIs, additional information regarding LAWA’s governance is incorporated within this section.

Executive Board Structure and Oversight LAWA is a self-supporting department of the City of Los Angeles, which owns and operates two airports within its system: LAX and VNY. The Board of Airport Commissioners (BOAC) governs LAWA and includes seven members. Those on the BOAC are appointed by the Mayor of Los Angeles and approved by City Council to serve a five-year term. As of this publication, one seat is currently vacant. Current BOAC members include:

Beatrice C. Hsu BOAC President

Valeria C. Velasco BOAC Vice President

Vanessa Aramayo

Matthew M. Johnson

Nicholas P. Roxborough

Karim Webb


Cargo is loaded into airplane at LAX. © Brandon Tseng

Airplane taxis at LAX. © Brandon Tseng

Airplane lands at LAX. © Brandon Tseng

Airports Council International (ACI) developed the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Management–Best Practice First Edition guidance document for airports to implement and report on ESG metrics. The following are topics that are noted in ACI’s report:







Topics identified in ACI’s guidance document that are also included in this report include: ƒ Energy Efficiency and Management ƒ Water Efficiency and Recycling

ƒ Diversity and Gender Equity ƒ Human Rights and Trafficking ƒ Worker Health and Safety

ƒ Executive Board Structure and Oversight ƒ Codes of Business Conduct ƒ Core Values ƒ Risk and Crisis Management ƒ Accountability and Transparency Policies ƒ Financial Disclosure and Statements ƒ Increased total revenue generation at LAX by 21% and 5% at VNY ƒ Awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada., the highest form of recognition for transparency and full disclosure in financial reporting

ƒ Electrification and Decarbonization ƒ Greenhouse gas (GHG) and Criteria Air Pollutant Measurement and Management ƒ Materials Management

Some of LAWA’s exemplary 2022 initiatives related to the ESG categories include: ƒ Reduced energy consumption

ƒ Continued community and employee engagement activities throughout the year ƒ Focused on job growth, career fairs, and hiring programs ƒ Airport Police Department (APD) participation in the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force (LARHTTF)

(electricity & natural gas) per passenger— met SAP goal!

ƒ Reduced potable water use per passenger ƒ Increased waste diversion rate— met SAP goal! ƒ Increased LAX’s zero emissions bus fleet— met SAP goal!


Environmental, Social, & Governance

Code of Business Conduct/ Office of Ethics


Honesty We support a culture that nurtures truth, sincerity, and openness. Integrity We uphold our personal conviction to the truth and we fulfill our obligations. Respect & Collaboration We promote human worth and the dignity of all, and foster partnerships of inclusion and cooperation. Responsibility We strive for excellence in performing our duties and cultivate a climate of shared accountability. Public Trust As one of our most significant responsibilities, we uphold the principles of open government including transparency in our decision-making, public disclosure, and public access. Citizenship We understand we are part of a larger community from which we benefit and, in turn, are obliged to promote and enhance this necessary collaboration. BOAC adopted and LAWA continues to promote a series of ethical values to establish a standard set of expectations for LAWA employees and commissioners. These include:

LAWA aims to promote a culture that upholds the highest standards of ethical conduct by encouraging honesty, integrity, and citizenship in accordance with applicable laws, policies, and procedures. The Office of Ethics is responsible for: ƒ Coordination and compliance with the City Ethics Commission ƒ Referral and resource for ethics inquiries and hotline

ƒ Ethics and compliance training ƒ Enforcement of ethics violations

ACI’s ESG Management Handbook

ƒ Organizational ethics implementation For more information about LAWA’s Office of Ethics, please visit: https://www.lawa.org/lawa-governance/lawa-office-of-ethics.

Nighttime photo of the TBIT. © Brandon Tseng


LAWA 2022 Sustainability Report

In 2022, LAWA published the Emergency Preparedness Guidance for Tenants at Los Angeles International Airport which provides information to tenants on what to do in case of emergency, including contact information, reporting requirements, information sharing guidance, evacuation protocol, proper planning, and the identification of other airport resources to aid in an emergency. Human Rights and Trafficking Airport Police Department (APD) is part of the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force. whose mission is to increase identification of all forms of human trafficking, strengthen the investigation and prosecution of labor and sex trafficking cases, and address the individualized needs of trafficking victims through the provisions of comprehensive services in Los Angeles County. APD continues to work with local, state, and federal agencies and entities to eradicate human trafficking.

Diversity and Equity Diversity and equity is of utmost importance within the LAWA organization. Annual outreach efforts are conducted to various communities offering career and business opportunities.

Risk and Crisis Management LAWA is required to comply with the City of Los Angeles emergency preparedness Directives #15, #17, #18, and #19 as well as Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 139.325 Airport Certification Requirements for Emergency Incidents. It is vital to incorporate emergency preparedness and risk assessments to ensure the resilience of our transportation system and make LAWA airports a safe place for airport customers and the local community. LAWA utilizes working groups, committees, the Airport Response Coordination Center, alert and warning systems, operational coordination, planning/training exercises, interoperable communications, and threat/ hazard identification to prepare for potential emergencies at LAWA airports.

In 2022, 250 employees were hired for a total of 2,948 employees employed by LAWA 69 employees retired 132 employees were promoted

LAWA partners in emergency response incidents include:

ƒ LAWA employees ƒ Commercial, Private, and Cargo Air Carriers ƒ Service providers ƒ Concessionaires ƒ Federal, State, County, Local Government Agencies, and non-government organizations

Total employee demographics included:

Male | 65% Female | 35%

Hispanic | 39% Black | 28% Caucasian | 15%

Asian | 10% Filipino | 5% Other | 2.73% American Indian | 0.27%

LAX Airport Operation Vehicle ©Brandon Tseng



Awards In 2022, LAWA received 23 awards and recognitions for its operational and business practices as well as for its success in innovation and sustainable design.

Corporate Responsiblity

recognizes LAWA’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Messages series for its ability to spread information and keep LAWA connected. ƒ Business Traveler named LAX the Best Airport in North America. ƒ At the Western Winter Workshop , LAWA was awarded the Innovation Award . The Award recognizes LAWA’s advancement of the construction industry through the inclusion of innovative technologies in the $15 billion Capital Improvement Program (CIP). ƒ LAWA BOAC Vice President Valeria Velasco was awarded with the 2022 Community Builder Award at the Airport Counseling Service’s 22nd Annual Spring Into Well-Being Celebration . Velasco was awarded for her community work, commitment to local neighborhoods, and involvement with the Rotary Club.

ƒ Yvonne Wei, Management Analyst for LAWA’s Rideshare Office, received a 40 Under 40 Award from the Association for Commuter Transportation for her accomplishments in expanding commuteLAX which offers rideshare options for LAX employees.

LAWA was awarded the Airports Council International—North America (ACI-NA) Environmental Management


Award for the development of the Custom Data Collection and Reporting System for Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP). The award recognizes the MMRP’s ability to track, monitor, and report on ongoing mitigation as well as help identify environmental impacts early on in the planning process. The Association of Environmental Professionals awarded LAWA with its Outstanding Environmental Analysis Award for the Environmental Impact Report developed for the Airfield and Terminal Modernization Project (ATMP). The award recognizes LAWA’s commitment to preparing high-quality and transparent documents.


LAWA’s iCARE Program was highlighted at the South Bay Workforce Investment Board’s 27th Annual


Awards Ceremony for its partnership that offers local residents paid training in guest experience.

LAWA was awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the


comprehensive annual report for FY2021 from the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada. This is the eleventh consecutive year LAWA has won the award which is recognized as the highest form of recognition in the area for transparency and full disclosure in financial reporting.

The Public Relations Society of America awarded LAWA as the first- place winner of the Bronze Anvil Award


LAWA team members receiving the ACI-NA Environmental Management Award ©LAWA

in Executive Communication at its annual conference and awards event. The award


LAWA 2022 Sustainability Report

Sustainable Construction

and Power (LADWP). 6,000 kilowatts (kW) were saved over 2022 through the demand response program by increasing chilled water temperatures, running combustion turbine generators, and other voluntary energy savings measures throughout LAX. Air Emissions: Smart Parking

At the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Installation Awards Gala, LAWA was named the Chamber’s


The APM won an Envision Gold Award for Sustainable Infrastructure from the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure


Distinguished Partner of the Year. This recognition comes after years of diligent work to foster strong community ties with the LAX Coastal Chamber and others in the surrounding communities. LAWA received the STAR Facility Accreditation from the Global Star Bio-risk Advisory Council for cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention protocols in facilities.

(ISI) . The APM scored highly among many Envision framework indications for its

improvements in mobility, noise and vibration, minimization of light improvements, and others. ƒ Prix Versailles Airport World Title was awarded to LAX for the West Gates at Tom Bradley International Terminal (formerly Midfield Satellite Concourse North). The Prix Versailles aims to promote interaction between the economy and culture and honors achievements in architecture worldwide that progress to help achieve this goal. ƒ LAWA received the Civic Buildings Award for the LAX Midfield Satellite Concourse (MSC) Project from the Los Angeles Business Council 52 nd Annual Los Angeles Architectural Awards. ƒ DBIA—Western Pacific Region awarded LAWA the Region Award at the Annual Design-Build Awards, recognizing the design and construction innovation for the newly opened Airport Police Facility (APF).


At the 2022 National Parking Association’s Annual Conference held in September, the LAX Economy Parking


Facility was recognized as the Innovative Facility of the Year . The award was presented to ABM Industries for its state-of-the-art smart parking system that will be implemented in all LAX parking structures. The smart parking system has features that allow for up-to-date tracking through a database of current parking options within the facility, online reservations, and available EV charging stations. In addition, the facility includes energy-saving fixtures, low-flow plumbing, drought tolerant landscape, dedicated spaces for EV or low-emitting vehicles, and the capacity to increase EV charging. National Award of Merit from the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) for its utilization of unique design-build best practices. The facility was opened in October 2021 as the first major component of LAX’s Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP). It includes approximately 4,300 parking stalls with a total of 500 Level 2 EV charging stations. ƒ The International Parking & Mobility Institute awarded the LAX Economy Parking Facility an Award of Merit in the Stand-Alone Parking Facility Design Category. The Award recognizes the first of the LAMP to be opened for its innovation in parking and mobility. ƒ The LAX Economy Parking Facility won the

ƒ LAWA received the Health Accreditation from Airports Council International. ƒ Ookla , an internet intelligence company, ranked LAX for having the 6 th fastest Wi-Fi speeds out

of airports in the United States and 8 th fastest internationally. LAX has improved from 11th place nationally in 2017 when Ookla first began its ranking. Fluor Corporation and its partnership with LAX was highlighted in a fact sheet released by the Biden-Harris Administration reporting on commitments toward equitable workforce development for


infrastructure jobs. Fluor Corporation is hiring 30% of its workforce from the local community for its projects ongoing at LAX. ƒ Captains of Industry Award was presented to VNY from The Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce, which is awarded to long-time members demonstrating dedication and commitment to the Chamber of Commerce. Energy Management

2022 Sustainability Leadership Awards for Demand Response LAWA’s awarded/named Central Utility Plant


LAWA team members at the South Bay Workforce Investment Board’s 27 th Annual Awards ©LAWA

(CUP) facility received second place for the award given by the Los Angeles Department of Water


Sustainability Action Plan Update

Sustainability Action Plan Update The SAP is the foundation on which sustainability actions are applied and tracked throughout LAWA’s business practices, operations, community engagement,

The following lists LAWA’s seven sustainability categories, the corresponding SAP goals, and notable 2022 achievements toward those goals. Bold items are SAP goals accomplished in 2022.

and environmental conservation. The SAP focuses on seven sustainability categories, each with goals and initiatives to guide LAWA through continuous implementation.

Note: Goals with a check mark have been completed in prior years and are ongoing initiatives for LAWA.

Water Management Additional 25% reduction in potable water use per passenger by 2025; 30% by 2035 Increase recycled water use as a percentage of total water use 30% by 2035 Eliminating potable water consumption for non-potable uses such as landscaping and the cooling towers by 2045

Corporate Responsibility

Energy Management

Reduce energy use per passenger 15% by 2025 over 2011 levels. Reduce energy use per passenger 30% by 2035 over 2011 levels. Reduce energy use per passenger 65% by 2045 over 2011 levels. Achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2045

Continue to implement inclusivity requirements in LAWA contracts and monitor compliance. Develop and expand partnerships to promote a sustainable local workforce for the airport and airport-related projects.

2022 achievements

2022 achievements

ƒ Continued to reduce potable water use per passenger towards goals for 2025 ƒ Increased number of acres at LAX irrigated with reclaimed water to 66.8% of landscape ƒ Implementation of LAX Stormwater Best Management Practices

ƒ Hosted or participated in 65 community events ƒ Increased contract values for local, small,

ƒ Achieved 20% reduction in energy use per passenger ahead of target date ƒ Continued to expand solar projects across LAWA airports 2022 achievements

and disabled business enterprises ƒ Over 300 graduates from the HireLAX Program

LAWA 2022 Sustainability Report

Noise Management

Implement the LAX “Fly Quieter” Program Launch web-based noise portals for LAX and VNY Continue with the Sound Insulation Grant Program as funds are identified

ƒ Awarded 9 airlines with the “Fly Quieter” award at LAX ƒ Awarded 20 participants with the Friendly Flyer Award at VNY 2022 achievements

Airplane takes off from LAX into the sunset over the ocean ©Brandon Tseng

Natural Resources Management

Air Emissions Management

Material Resources Management

Carbon neutrality by 2045 Achieve 20% zero emissions bus fleet by 2023 Achieve 100% zero emissions bus fleet by 2030

Achieve non-construction waste diversion of 25% by 2025 Achieve non-construction waste diversion of 50% by 2035 Achieve construction waste diversion of 90% by 2025; 95% by 2035

Continue to strive for the natural addition of flora and fauna with no net loss of biodiversity in the LAX Dunes Implement invasive plant management in the El Segundo Blue Butterfly Habitat (ESBB) Restoration Area (HRA) Continue working to improve the Coastal Dunes Improvement Project (CDIP) area in northern section of the LAX Dunes Continue weeding and restoration activities ƒ Completed annual El Segundo Butterfly survey ƒ Removed over 17,000 pounds of invasive plants 2022 achievements

2022 achievements

2022 achievements

ƒ Increased FlyAway Program Ridership ƒ Increased EV charging stations by 45% at LAX ƒ Achieved 40% zero emissions bus fleet ahead of schedule ƒ Updated LAWA’s EV Purchasing Policy requiring 25% of EV Sedans by 2023 and 100% by 2031 ƒ Increased Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) usage at LAX ƒ Received first delivery of unleaded aviation fuel for general aviation aircraft at VNY

ƒ Achieved 44.8% non-construction waste diversion ahead of schedule ƒ Updated Food Donation Policy, adding a business operational plan ƒ Updated Design & Construction Handbook to require tenants to consult with the LAWA Recycling Program on proposed waste management measures ƒ Implemented construction waste diversion requirements into the Project Requirements for future construction contracts

Air Traffic Control Tower viewed from the Central Terminal Area ©Brandon Tseng

Corporate Responsibility

Economic viability and social responsibility are at the forefront of Corporate Responsibility at LAWA. In 2022, LAWA continued to experience growth nearing pre-pandemic operational levels. LAWA demonstrated commitment to its employees, stakeholders, and passengers.

LAWA 2022 Sustainability Report


2022 LAX by the Numbers Aircraft Operations

2022 Airline mix by operations (passenger & cargo)

Origin, Destination, Connecting 81% departures on time 80% arrivals on time #1 in the U.S. for originating 1,324,394 domestic passengers


4% JetBlue | 4% Spirit | 2% Federal Express | 1% Air Canada | 1% Volaris

2020 | 379,364

2021 | 506,769

8% Alaska

20% All Others


2022 556,913 total aircraft operations

10% Southwest

19% Delta

Passenger activity Levels


15% United

16% American

Key Economic Data for LAX in 2022

2020 | 28.8M

2021 | 48M


8,312,323 International Departures

65,924,298 passengers 2022

Total Revenue Generation Total Expenses



24,604,606 Domestic Departures

Total Income


Total Outstanding Bonds for LAX


Air Cargo Volume

Airport Service Quality

Debt Payments for LAX Capital Reinvestment at LAX Guest Experience and Guest Services at LAX Environmental and Noise Programs



ACI’s ASQ score is an airport passenger service and benchmarking program that helps airports understand how to improve business and passenger satisfaction. ASQ scores are based on check-in wait times, security checkpoint wait times, wayfinding, Wi-Fi, restroom cleanliness, food and beverage, and retail. 3.77 out of 5 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Score


2020 | 2.4M


2021 | 3M




2,754,570 metric tons of cargo

Safety and Security




LAX 2022 Community Events LAWA is known for its high level of participation in community events. In 2022, LAWA hosted, sponsored, or participated in 65 events . The timeline below demonstrates a select number of the community events held in 2022. S

LAWA team members at the Annual LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce 4th of July Parade ©LAWA

FEBRUARY ƒ LAWA partnered with the Network for

APRIL ƒ LAWA, in partnership with Unibail- Rodamco-Westfield Airports, hosted a Job Fair at the Flight Path Museum in Los Angeles where LAWA offered over 350 positions for in-person hiring. ƒ LAX Presents hosted Darynn Dean who performed in Terminal 7.

Teaching Entrepreneurship organization to host two virtual workshops for over 270 middle and high school students from Environmental Charter High School, North Hollywood High School STEM Magnet and Silver Creek High School. ƒ LAX, in collaboration with Rum & Humble, a local concert production company, kicked off LAX Presents . This started with a spring through summer concert series with a performance from the Gumbo Brothers in Terminal 1.

“Into the Blue” Mural on the outside of the APF ©LAWA

MAY ƒ LAX Presents hosted Leftover Cuties who performed in the Grand Hall of Tom Bradley International Terminal.

JANUARY ƒ LAX opened three new art exhibits that feature work from local artists in Terminal 1, Terminal 7, and Tom Bradley International Terminal in partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

MARCH ƒ LAX joined in celebrations of Read Across America Day with a virtual aviation-themed program attended by 4,800 local students from 34 school districts in pre-kindergarten through first grade. ƒ LAWA sponsored the LAX Coastal Education Foundation Rock Roll & Run 5K, a fundraiser for local LA schools.

ƒ In early 2022, the mural “Into the Blue” was completed on the outside of the newly opened APF, which was painted by local artist Francisco Letelier in collaboration with Marybeth Fama. ƒ A large-scale abstract painting by Renee Pretropoulos donated by Fox Studios was unveiled in the Terminal 2/3 headhouse titled “Just What is Your Position” . This piece was commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.

LAX Police Officer reads in a local school for Read Across America Day ©LAWA


LAWA 2022 Sustainability Report

JUNE ƒ More than 80 middle and high school students took part in LAX’s first hybrid Aviation Careers Education (ACE) Academy , which offered a four-day virtual program and an in person fifth day session. ƒ LAX participated in World Music Day as a part of the LAX Presents Series. The celebration consisted of performances from pianist Tigran Hamasyan and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Ho in Terminal 7. ƒ LAX Presents hosted Daniel Ho accompanied by Hawaiian dancers who performed at the West Gates at Tom Bradley International Airport (formerly Midfield Satellite Concourse North).

OCTOBER ƒ A cohort of 16 California residents graduated from the HireLAX Apprenticeship Readiness Program which has prepared graduates to pursue construction trade apprenticeships. ƒ The First Flight Child Development Center reopened since closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The center is open to children between 6 weeks and 5 years in age and offers innovative STEM-focused activities . The center provides cost effective local childcare and gives priority to LAWA employees and LAX tenant workers. ƒ LAWA held the LAWA Vocational Worker Job Fair . ƒ In 2022, 49 Pets Unstressing Passengers (PUPs) events were held, comprising of 124.5

PUP in costume for Halloween Parade at LAX | ©LAWA PR

total hours and 49 active pups . PUPs events included a Halloween Parade with PUPs in costume touring around LAX terminals.

JULY ƒ LAWA participated in the Annual LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Parade in Westchester Park.

NOVEMBER ƒ The 7th annual LAX Aviation Career Day was held in person for the first time since 2020.

DECEMBER ƒ LAX held its annual Santa

AUGUST ƒ LAX Presents kicked off its fall and winter concert series with a performance from Xocoyotzin Moraza in Terminal 7. ƒ Four new art exhibitions were opened in Terminals 2/3 in collaboration with the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

SEPTEMBER ƒ LAWA was a sponsor of

Fly-In event and hosted more than 130 students from local elementary schools. The event included a puppet performance, demonstrations of how K-9 canines perform their duties at the airport, dogs from the PUPs program to interact with students, and story books read to students by Santa.

the annual Westchester Arts & Music Block Party

Santa arrives via LAX fire truck for the Santa Fly-In event ©LAWA PR



Workforce Development On September 29, LAX announced plans for an elevated dining and retail experience within the redesigned Terminal 3. Since LAWA requires all concessions to partner with the Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) program to increase minority participation, projects like the redesigned Terminal 3 are opportunities for minority-owned small businesses.

Local/Small/Disabled Veterans Enterprise Program

HireLAX has graduated 300+ students from the 8-week program since its inception, leading to 200+ placements in union construction positions in the five years the program has been around. The HireLAX program has gained national attention, including a visit from U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg this year for its success rate in providing specialized training to a diverse group of students in the LAX region.


LAWA is committed to providing equal opportunities to local, small, and disadvantaged veterans enterprises. LAWA exceeded its

pledged SBE, LBE, LSBE, and DVBE commitments in 2022.


Local workers involved in active LAX projects total 11,163 and make up 30% of construction workers. The redesigned Terminal 3 was opened to Delta passengers in October, ahead of schedule, as the COVID-19 pandemic allowed for expedited construction. Construction consisted of more than 4.5 million work hours from 30.9% local workers . LAWA held its LAWA Vocational Worker Job Fair in November 2022. Over the course of one day, 201 interviews were conducted with attendees from a local and diverse candidate pool. The Vocational Work program provides a pathway to city civil service with full-time, paid, on-the-job training job opportunities.

“We must leave no talent on the table while building tomorrow’s infrastructure.

HireLAX trains people who live in the community—especially women and people of color— for construction jobs at [LAX]. Programs like this are timely and needed across the USA” —Secretary Buttigieg on Twitter after visiting with HireLAX students

Student works on assembly and repair of electrical outlet ©LAWA


LAWA 2022 Sustainability Report

In 2022, 28 TLC volunteers served 123,249 passengers over 4,153 hours through the LAX iCare program.

LAX iCare Volunteers before holiday volunteer shifts ©LAWA

Guest Experience Programs LAWA’s iCARE program was

Digital Experience The Digitally Innovative Hudson Nonstop

Community Events & Business Development The We Fly as One Program , a collaboration between LAWA and local Chambers of Commerce and Business Improvement District merchants, incentivizes LAX and VNY employees to shop at local businesses. The program expanded its list of participating companies in 2022, boosting sales opportunities to over 70 local businesses . The 7th annual LAX Aviation Career Day was held in person for the first time since 2020. Nearly 1,000 local high school students attended the event to hear from pilots, airline representatives, federal aviation agencies, local first responders, and local community colleges and learn about aviation related career opportunities as well as opportunities to further their education. Four commercial aircraft were provided for student tours by American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and JetBlue Airways. S



developed to assist LAX team members provide upstanding service to its guests. In 2022, LAWA reintroduced the Team of LAXceptional Courtesy (TLC) employee volunteer program that hosted events on the 4th of July, Labor Day, and through the winter holidays. In partnership with the California Department of Rehabilitation and the South Bay Workforce Investment Board, disabled and other marginalized job seekers receive training and work experience to support future jobs in guest experience. LAXceeders Program The LAXceeders Program continued to provide guest services throughout LAX. The Program is for youth and young adults in local high schools or junior colleges and receive either course credit or pay for supporting LAX’s information services.

opened in December 2022 within Terminal 3 which allows guests to purchase items without waiting in line. The store uses technology which scans a user’s credit card as they enter and uses cameras as they leave to determine what the customers bought and charge them, accordingly, expediting shopping time. The shop is also a minority and woman owned business in the LAX commercial program. Credential Authentication Technology Transportation Security Administration (TSA) launched new cutting edge passenger identification technology that uses facial recognition software through a Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) Unit to verify passenger identity. The CAT Unit expedites the verification of a passenger’s identity, allowing them to hold onto their identification throughout the screening process.


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