Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) 2022 Sustainability Report

Sustainability Action Plan Update

Sustainability Action Plan Update The SAP is the foundation on which sustainability actions are applied and tracked throughout LAWA’s business practices, operations, community engagement,

The following lists LAWA’s seven sustainability categories, the corresponding SAP goals, and notable 2022 achievements toward those goals. Bold items are SAP goals accomplished in 2022.

and environmental conservation. The SAP focuses on seven sustainability categories, each with goals and initiatives to guide LAWA through continuous implementation.

Note: Goals with a check mark have been completed in prior years and are ongoing initiatives for LAWA.

Water Management Additional 25% reduction in potable water use per passenger by 2025; 30% by 2035 Increase recycled water use as a percentage of total water use 30% by 2035 Eliminating potable water consumption for non-potable uses such as landscaping and the cooling towers by 2045

Corporate Responsibility

Energy Management

Reduce energy use per passenger 15% by 2025 over 2011 levels. Reduce energy use per passenger 30% by 2035 over 2011 levels. Reduce energy use per passenger 65% by 2045 over 2011 levels. Achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2045

Continue to implement inclusivity requirements in LAWA contracts and monitor compliance. Develop and expand partnerships to promote a sustainable local workforce for the airport and airport-related projects.

2022 achievements

2022 achievements

ƒ Continued to reduce potable water use per passenger towards goals for 2025 ƒ Increased number of acres at LAX irrigated with reclaimed water to 66.8% of landscape ƒ Implementation of LAX Stormwater Best Management Practices

ƒ Hosted or participated in 65 community events ƒ Increased contract values for local, small,

ƒ Achieved 20% reduction in energy use per passenger ahead of target date ƒ Continued to expand solar projects across LAWA airports 2022 achievements

and disabled business enterprises ƒ Over 300 graduates from the HireLAX Program

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