Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) 2022 Sustainability Report

LAWA 2022 Sustainability Report

Noise Management

Implement the LAX “Fly Quieter” Program Launch web-based noise portals for LAX and VNY Continue with the Sound Insulation Grant Program as funds are identified

ƒ Awarded 9 airlines with the “Fly Quieter” award at LAX ƒ Awarded 20 participants with the Friendly Flyer Award at VNY 2022 achievements

Airplane takes off from LAX into the sunset over the ocean ©Brandon Tseng

Natural Resources Management

Air Emissions Management

Material Resources Management

Carbon neutrality by 2045 Achieve 20% zero emissions bus fleet by 2023 Achieve 100% zero emissions bus fleet by 2030

Achieve non-construction waste diversion of 25% by 2025 Achieve non-construction waste diversion of 50% by 2035 Achieve construction waste diversion of 90% by 2025; 95% by 2035

Continue to strive for the natural addition of flora and fauna with no net loss of biodiversity in the LAX Dunes Implement invasive plant management in the El Segundo Blue Butterfly Habitat (ESBB) Restoration Area (HRA) Continue working to improve the Coastal Dunes Improvement Project (CDIP) area in northern section of the LAX Dunes Continue weeding and restoration activities ƒ Completed annual El Segundo Butterfly survey ƒ Removed over 17,000 pounds of invasive plants 2022 achievements

2022 achievements

2022 achievements

ƒ Increased FlyAway Program Ridership ƒ Increased EV charging stations by 45% at LAX ƒ Achieved 40% zero emissions bus fleet ahead of schedule ƒ Updated LAWA’s EV Purchasing Policy requiring 25% of EV Sedans by 2023 and 100% by 2031 ƒ Increased Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) usage at LAX ƒ Received first delivery of unleaded aviation fuel for general aviation aircraft at VNY

ƒ Achieved 44.8% non-construction waste diversion ahead of schedule ƒ Updated Food Donation Policy, adding a business operational plan ƒ Updated Design & Construction Handbook to require tenants to consult with the LAWA Recycling Program on proposed waste management measures ƒ Implemented construction waste diversion requirements into the Project Requirements for future construction contracts

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