Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) 2022 Sustainability Report

Natural Resources MANAGEMENT


El Segundo Blue Butterfly

LAX Dunes Restoration In the 1980’s, LAWA began restoring the LAX Dunes, which comprise 307 acres of coastal sand dunes located on the western portion of the airport. The LAX Dunes are home to over 900 species of native flora and fauna, including the federally endangered ESBB, and sensitive species such as the Southern California Legless Lizard and San Diego Horned Lizard. The annual survey was conducted of the ESBB and the population was estimated to be 17,640 butterflies

Volunteers conducting invasive species removal at the LAX Dunes ©Nebu John

LAX Dunes Restoration Events LAWA’s partner, The Bay Foundation (TBF), completed its planting program by adding 4,000 plants in 2022 as a part of the Coastal Dunes Improvement Project (CDIP) in the northern section of the LAX Dunes as part of the ongoing restoration effort. Vegetation surveys conducted by TBF in 2022 show that restoration efforts in the area have been effective in reducing non-native cover. Additionally, survey results consistently show that there is higher native cover and lower non-native cover within the CDIP area when compared to outside areas.

17,896 pounds of invasive plants were removed over the course of 13 events with a total of 302 volunteers working 650 hours

Argo Ditch after the completion of the maintenance project ©Nebu John

After the completion of the Argo Ditch Maintenance Project, adjacent to Runway 6L/24R, the USDA worked with LAWA to help capture and release congregating birds to prevent bird strikes on LAX runways.

Since 2018, over 41,300 pounds of non-native vegetation have been removed and 43% of invasive plant species removed to date occurred in 2022


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