Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) 2022 Sustainability Report

LAWA 2022 Sustainability Report


Fly Quieter Program LAWA recognized nine airlines as winners of the 2022 LAX Fly Quieter Program (FQP). Airlines were divided into three different categories depending on the number of daily operations.

LAX/Community Noise Roundtable Created in 2000, the LAX/Community Noise Roundtable provides an interactive forum where elected officials and representatives, members of recognized community groups, the FAA, airlines, and LAWA can identify and address noise issues associated with aircraft operations at LAX. The Roundtable meets six times a year and may schedule additional meetings as needed. Information about the Roundtable’s efforts to address aircraft noise issues is available online at www.lawa.org/LAXNoiseRoundTable.aspx . Noise and Operations Monitoring System Replacement LAWA Noise Management uses an array of noise monitors and specialized software for flight track and noise analysis. LAWA completed its upgrade of the NOMS for LAX and VNY in June 2022. The upgrade included the latest version of Enviorsuite’s Airport NOMS software and the replacement of thirty-two noise monitoring terminals (NMTs); 25 at LAX and 7 at VNY. LAWA received Caltrans certification of the upgraded system in October 2022.

Sound Insulation In 2022, an additional 320 homes were soundproofed in the cities of Inglewood and

Los Angeles County, for a total of 21,875 homes completed to-date.


CATEGORY 1 100+ Operations Daily American Airlines

CATEGORY 2 5-99 Operations Daily

CATEGORY 3 1-4 Operations Daily



Nippon Cargo


United Airlines


Copa Airlines

Bronze Delta


Fiji Airways


The FQP encourages commercial airlines to comply with LAX noise abatement procedures and to implement voluntary measures to reduce LAX’s noise footprint. The program promotes on-going airline education, awareness, and participation. LAWA evaluates each airline’s noise score based on program criteria. The program has resulted in increased airline engagement with local communities through participation in the LAX/Community Noise Roundtable. It also recognizes certain airlines that participate in retrofitting their existing A320 aircraft with vortex generators to reduce noise during landing. In 2022, 3 out 4 airlines (Spirt, JetBlue, and American) completed their A320 retrofit programs.

= 500 units = soundproofed in previous years = soundproofed in 2022

LAWA launched the LAX Residential Sound Insulation (LAX RSI) Program to soundproof approximately 2,400 dwelling units in the City of El Segundo, as well as those homes in the City of Los Angeles that did not participate in the prior RSI program. In May 2022, LAWA awarded a $35 million project management/construction management contract to implement the new LAX RSI Program through 2029.

Noise monitoring terminal at VNY ©Dan Yeung

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