Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) 2022 Sustainability Report

Material Resources MANAGEMENT

lax In 2022, 9,034 tons of commingled recycling was collected at LAX. This waste stream is made up of paper, cardboard, glass, and aluminum collected from single stream recycling bins around LAX. LAX Operations Waste Diversion E

In 2022, 26.8 tons of edible food were donated under the LAX Food Donation Policy.

LA SAN organic food waste collection bins at LAX ©LAWA

LAX Organic Waste Collection Program In 2017, LAWA partnered with LA SAN to implement an organic food waste collection pilot with a selection of restaurants and concessionaires at LAX. The program allows restaurants and concessionaires to dispose of food waste separately, while LA SAN collects the food waste and transports it for processing and energy recovery. LAWA expanded the program to all LAX lounge areas, diverting a total of 270.1 tons of food or 5.2 tons per week, from the landfill. 22.5x more food diverted than in 2021. LAX On-Site Composting and Food Waste Reduction Program In November 2022, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) awarded LAWA $300,000 in direct reimbursement for the purchase of an innovative organic waste aerobic composting system for on-site composting. This supports the implementation of the LAX On-Site Composting and Food Waste Reduction Program , which is a strategy in the Zero Waste Roadmap.

In 2022, LAX diverted 44.8%

of waste from entering its waste stream, excluding construction and demolition (C&D) debris exceeding the SAP goal of 25% diversion by 2025. Project-Based Waste Diversion Requirements The C&D contractual requirements for each CIP/LAMP project tracked in 2022 are: ƒ LAMP » APM: 75% » ConRAC: 75% » Roadways, Utilities and Enabling Projects: 75% ƒ RS-X: 70% ƒ Secured Area Access Post Project (SAAP): 50% The APM had a 86.2% diversion rate for 2022. Food Donation Policy plan detailing how they will avoid edible food disposal. Plans will include business specific practices and policies that will be implemented to reduce surpluses of edible food and/or set up food donation practices. = 1 ton of food donated = 1 ton of food donated = 1 ton of food donated Originally adopted in 2020, LAWA updated its Food Donation Policy in 2022 to require LAX food businesses to adopt a formal operational


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