Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) 2022 Sustainability Report

LAWA 2022 Sustainability Report

Sustainability Performance at LAWA Sustainability performance, goals, and targets at LAX and VNY are categorized under the following focus areas:

Annual Sustainability Report was identified as the suitable place for LAWA to report on the progress of Green Bond funded projects and a section in this years report has been dedicated to these updates. LAWA was recognized with 23 awards in 2022 for its continued efforts on advancing sustainability. Key successes from 2022 include: ƒ Reduction in stormwater pollutant concentrations within all LAX drainage basins (Dominguez, Argo, and Imperial Drainage Areas) ƒ Increase in EV charging stations to a total of 949 at LAX ƒ Acquisition of LAX’s first electric heavy-duty truck ƒ First delivery of unleaded aviation fuel at VNY ƒ Launch of commuteLAX’s Transit Pass Program ƒ Met 2023 goal of 20% zero emission bus fleet early ƒ Increase in LAX waste diversion rate ƒ Success with food waste diversion programs ƒ Significant removal of non-native plants from the LAX Dunes

Energy Management

Water Management

Air Emissions Management

Corporate Responsibility

Material Resources Management

Noise Management

Natural Resources Management

In 2022, passenger levels increased 37% and operations increased 10% at LAX over 2021 levels.

Community and employee engagement remained high in 2022 as LAWA organized, hosted, or sponsored 65 events. LAWA advanced business diversity and local worker development through business participation initiatives and programs such as HireLAX. Sustainable construction moved ahead with projects such as Terminal 3 reopening, the APM and the Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility (ConRAC) progressing among others, and many upcoming projects. Several LAX projects acquired Green Bonds to finance sustainable construction. Green Bonds are awarded to projects aimed at increasing sustainability through the application of sustainable design features, identification of goals, and required reporting on annual progress towards meeting the project’s objectives until Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or a sustainability rating system equivalent certification is obtained. The

For the first time in LAWA’s Annual Sustainability Report series, the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework is incorporated as an element of the report, which are indicated with E, S, and G symbols.

As passengers and operations increased, water and energy use per passenger decreased, demonstrating increased efficiency across LAX facilities. While operations decreased 6% at VNY, other programs and initiatives continued to progress, such as the on-going implementation of new solar power projects.


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