Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) 2022 Sustainability Report

LAWA 2022 Sustainability Report

Carbon Emission Offsets The Good Traveler program, launched in 2021 at LAX, allows travelers to purchase carbon emission offsets for their flights. The tool estimates the cost of offsets based on the distance traveled; as an example, offsets for a round-trip ticket from LAX to John F. Kennedy International Airport cost $29.70 and offsets 2,745 pounds of CO 2 . The Good Traveler program funds projects that lower carbon emissions such as sustainable tree plantings for carbon capture or investment in clean, zero-emissions wind energy production. In 2022, LAX travelers offset 111 metric tons of CO 2 through the program.

Transportation Network Companies

Renewable Diesel Demonstration Project

For 8 months in 2022, LAWA conducted a demonstration of renewable diesel fuel at LAX and VNY using 100% renewable diesel fuel. The demonstration included sixteen pieces of different equipment at LAX and VNY that were running on the renewable diesel to determine its GHG reduction potential and financial sustainability. The study found no discernible difference in operations from standard diesel and minimal cost difference. Full conversion to renewable diesel could have GHG reduction potential of 589 metric tons per year.

Transportation Network Companies (Lyft, Opoli, and Uber) eliminated 4,242 vehicles through shared rides and eliminated 1,097,888 vehicles through Rematch, a program that connects drivers dropping off passengers with new passengers to pickup without leaving the airport, reducing vehicle quantities, traffic and congestion in the LAX CTA.

Sustainable Aviation Jet Fuel


In 2022, 7.2 million gallons of blended 30% SAF/70% JET-A was delivered to LAX which was an increase of 5.8% from 2021.

Airport Carbon Accreditation Commitment

In November, 500,000 gallons of SAF were delivered to LAX from Neste in

cooperation with LAXFUEL , the consortium of airlines operating at LAX providing jet fuel infrastructure. Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel ™ is composed of 100% sustainably sourced renewable waste, including used cooking oil and animal fats, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% during use (when used unblended). This is the largest delivery of SAF to LAX to date and will help create more opportunities for airlines and other operations to incorporate SAF into their fuel blend.

LAX achieved Level 3

Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) Verification in 2021 and successfully maintained its status in 2022.

EV charging stations outside of ConRAC ©LAWA


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