2018-Report to the Nation

CAMPAIGN HIGH LIGHTS Passage of laws in 30 states (Nevada in 2017) and Washington, D.C. that require ignition interlocks as the only option for driving after a drunk driving offense. High-level support for industry partners developing autonomous vehicle technology, including testimony in 2017 by MADD National President to U.S. Senate Committee on the potential for autonomous vehicles to stop drunk driving.

Support for law enforcement through increased number of volunteers at sobriety checkpoints and annual recognition of law enforcement officers’ achievements in protecting roads from drunk drivers.

$20 million in new funding from the Commonwealth of Virginia for the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS), a passive touch- and breath-based technology to detect alcohol levels and block a vehicle from operating if the driver is drunk.

Partnerships that increase public support for safe driving alternatives, such as rideshare and designated drivers.

Stronger laws to help law enforcement protect and prosecute drunk drivers with child passengers.

Increased penalties for refusing an alcohol test after being pulled over by law enforcement


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