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... COVER CONTINUED Often, one product can help on multiple fronts. For example, a newsletter like the one you’re reading accomplishes all of the above as long as you use the right formula for creating your content. I know that statement is self-serving, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Now, a newsletter is a great first start, but you need more than that to build a solid relationship. Birthday cards are awesome, or you can send anniversary cards or gifts (your anniversary with them, not their marriage anniversary). Useful emails that add value and don’t simply clutter the inbox are appreciated. Unexpected gifts are always welcomed. Events are also a great way to get face time with your customers and prospects, particularly if those events provide useful, educational information — and don’t bore your customers. Selling your customers additional products and services is a huge relationship builder that’s seldom talked about. There is a reason phone and cable companies bundle three services together for the best price; it lowers churn, and the more positive interactions you have with a company, the deeper and better the relationship is. So what else can you sell to your existing customers that would help them and, in turn, endear them to you more?

services that actually add value and help the end user, or you simply need to speed up churn. “Selling your customers ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS and SERVICES is a huge RELATIONSHIP BUILDER Another overlooked but powerful recession-proof strategy to help with growth is celebrity. I’m not talking about a Kim Kardashian-type of celebrity, though that would help. I’m talking about local or niche-based celebrity. Most people simply don’t employ this strategy, either because they feel that saying they want to be a celebrity would be weird and vain or they feel the strategy sounds too hard. It can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. that’s seldom talked about.”

niche onstage helps a ton, and writing a book is a huge celebrity booster. There are numerous Instagram celebrities as well as other social media celebrities, so why can’t you be one of those? Many people want to associate themselves with celebrities, and it doesn’t suck from a referral standpoint to have people bragging about being your customer. I could write a whole newsletter on this single topic, but to get started, you need to have media that you publish on a regular basis. It could be YouTube videos, newsletters, books, Instagram posts, or better yet, all of the above. After that, you need to be seen on the above- mentioned TV channels. Slowly, but surely, you’ll start to build a following. I want to end back where we started: The slowdown is coming. Many people don’t realize that, according to economists, we’ve been out of the Great Recession since 2011. This good economy is now going on eight years. To give you an example of how good it has been, in 2011, the Dow was at nearly 11,607 on the last day of November 2018, and the day closed at 25,307, more than double where we were earlier this decade. The gravy train has to stop at some point. The question is will you and your business be ready for the slowdown, or will you ignore my advice and need to scramble to survive and thrive?

To make this strategy really work, you need to make sure you have complementary products and

Being “as seen on” ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, or heck, even the CW, adds celebrity. Speaking to your





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