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hustle anyone, and that belief was really put to the test as I struggled to overcome the onslaught of both personal and professional obstacles. The unexpected benefit, though, is that I suddenly see the world through new eyes. Business, people, places, material goods — all the things around me are suddenly different. It’s like I went from seeing everything in standard definition to seeing everything in high definition. Everything has become crystal clear. And let me tell you, the opportunities around all of us right now are massive. The ability to make your dreams come true and leave your mark on the world — or, as Dave Ramsey says, “change your family tree” — has likely never been better than it is right now, if you’re willing to do the work . If you’re willing to build out your business foundation and focus on strengthening your relationships, then you can thrive like never before. You can create that business, life, and income you’ve always dreamed of. You can have it all.

would be a negative to most, and honestly, some of the work was less than pleasant. However, it has allowed me to see other opportunities in the business that I may have missed had I not gone “backwards” and done work I’d passed off long ago. Another massive opportunity is found in purchasing one — or maybe all — of your competitors’ businesses, or better yet, maybe just their list and phone/web properties. Some businesses simply won’t make it through this. When they close, there will be a great opportunity for the ones that survive to buy up their assets for pennies on the dollar. There will be a whole industry of people devoted to helping put those deals together. Think of this industry like the short sale industry in the housing market, but for business. You can easily set those deals up yourself or, if you have massive amounts of free time or are going to lose your business, maybe this is a nice hustle you can get in the middle of and make some good cash from. Depending on how big and complicated the deal is, there is even the possibility of taking a tollbooth position, which is one of the single best positions to have in any transaction. (A tollbooth position is where one person sits in the middle of a deal and takes a cut of sales or profits from one or both parties on an ongoing basis. If you arrange the deal correctly, then you could get a piece of the action for years to come. Of course, you have to provide a good reason for these people to need you in a tollbooth position. But it can be crazy profitable once you have your reason, arrange the deal, and get the contract in place.) Like most of us, this year has been crazy for me. The craziness came both personally and professionally. As I write this and reflect, I’m not sure I’ve ever been through a more difficult time in my life — and surely not in such a short amount of time! I’ve always said I can out-work and out-


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