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Instead of focusing on who is president and the rhetoric both sides engage in — including policies you have zero control over outside of voting or joining an influential group that hires lobbyists — consider focusing your actions on the following three areas:

Fearmongers predicted “yuge” wars on everyone’s rights and maybe even World War III. Now that Biden has been elected, the Republicans are beating the same drum that life as we know it is over. Biden will destroy small businesses and ruin America. Around and around we go. The truth is, with Biden as president, not much will change. Not much will change when the next Republican president is elected either. If you turn off the news for the next four years, you’ll likely find your personal situation about the same as it is today. Sure, as small- business owners, we tend to see and feel the changes more than others. If taxes go up on the rich, we may pay more. If they go down, we may pay less. When there are more regulations, we typically have to deal with them more; when they get rolled back, we get a break. Change is always coming. As an entrepreneur, you have to adapt. If you try to fight against change, you will simply be left behind and are likely to struggle. Modern politics in this country appear to divide us in an effort to keep whoever is in power at the helm. If that isn’t true, please help me understand how a Gallup poll shows Congress’ approval rating from Sept. 30–Oct. 15, 2020 ,at 19%, but according to Ballotpedia, when the dust settled on Election Day the congressional reelection rate was 96% nationwide. In 38 states, 100% of congressional incumbents were reelected. With such a low approval rating in the lead up to the election, you’d think the reelection rate would be drastically lower, but facts don’t lie.

1. Limit news intake so you’re educated but not indoctrinated. 2. Focus on the fundamentals of your business, which are areas you can control, including: • Marketing • Systems and processes

• Sales conversions • Customer services • New products or services

• Referrals • Retention • Prospect and

customer nurturing

• Mindset • Culture • Employee training • Profitability 3. Spend time on personal and family development and goals. As entrepreneurs and small-business owners, we have some really big advantages and opportunities anytime a new administration heads to Washington. For example, we can choose to focus our efforts on the above three areas we can control and see massive growth and improve our quality of life. Or we can be nimble,

study the information about each incoming presidential administration — including their stated goals and the prevailing political winds — and then adjust our businesses and investment strategies or even start an additional business to position ourselves to reap the benefits that are likely to result from policy changes. Regardless of which candidate you supported, it’s not the time to gloat or wallow in pity; it’s time to get to work. Times of change are when fortunes are made! Are you going to sit on the sidelines or get in the game? The choice is yours. –Shaun




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