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“After listening to Shaun Buck talk about the newsletter process and hearing many enthusiastic recommendations from Ben Glass and the Great Legal Marketing community, I couldn’t resist signing on with The Newsletter Pro. Still, I wondered how many clients would actually be interested in what I had to say. But almost immediately, I received responses from my clients that put my anxieties at ease. "Life and business are about relationships. I’m eager for our clients to get to know my team and me better so we can get to know them better in return. The team at The Newsletter Pro has helped us do just that. I’m happy to recommend them, their excellent product, and their conscientious approach.” -James Monast Monast Law Office "If you or your company wants a professional newsletter done right and efficient, allowing you to do what you do best … then give these guys a call. THEY ARE AMAZING! You will not be disappointed!" -Todd Thurston Sales Manager at Hare Truck Center “Our clients love to talk to us about what they read in our newsletter, and we love hearing it because it lets us know it’s working!” -Dr. Kelly Brown Custom Dental USA Schedule a call with us! Visit or call 208.297.5700

YOU MUST FOLLOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL WHEN HIRING NEW EMPLOYEES! One of the most complicated parts of running a business is hiring employees. I see businesses get stuck here all the time, which causes them to stop growing. It can also cause an entrepreneur to feel fear and kill their dreams. I know I personally got stuck here about 15 years ago (it makes me feel old to measure anything in 10- or 15-year time frames), so I want to tackle this question: How do you know if the timing is right to hire that first employee or create and hire for that new position in your company? The first indication that you should be hiring your first employee or for a new position is that you’re asking the question, “Do I need to hire someone?” In many cases, if you think you need someone, you actually needed that person or position weeks or months earlier.


They say “to err is human,” but perhaps a better phrase to describe our mistakes is “to procrastinate is human.” We all do it, even though we aren’t always sure why. It’s just in our nature to wait to get things done until the very last minute we have to do them. Many chalk it up to laziness, others to fear or anxiety over the end result. Whatever the reason, procrastination is something many people are plagued by but don’t know how to correct. That’s exactly why Patrick King wrote “The Science of Getting Started: How KICK PROCRAS ‘THE SCIEN




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