Crest Ink - Volume 28 - Number 02

Crest Ink

Volume 28 • Number 02 April, May & June 2016 Ashton, IL 61006 Getting to Know Building Maintenance

Dusty Koch, Wally Karper, Brian Schafer, Jason Drew, Jeff Brecunier

The Building Maintenance Department is one of the groups being featured in this Crest Ink. Although this depart- ment is small (six people including the managers), they are mighty in the amount of area they cover and how much they accomplish. For starters, they are responsible for maintaining 980,000 square feet of facilities…which means there is an equal amount of roof to maintain as well. Inside the walls of our nearly one million square feet of buildings, there is nearly an endless list of items that need tender loving care on a regular basis. Some of these items include 200 HVAC units, 10 air compressors, 5 vacuum pumps, 10 dust collectors, 12 stretch wrappers, 10 house vacuum systems, 9 elevators, 50 docks, 8 fire protection systems and over 600 lights in the warehouses alone. Throw in all the bathrooms, septic systems, wells, water heaters and parking lots and you can start to get a feel for what their to-do list looks like every morning.

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