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BUSINESS NEWS WARE MALCOMB ANNOUNCES COMPLETION OF L’OREAL PULP RIOT OFFICES IN ENCINO Ware Malcomb , an award-winning international design firm, announced construction is complete on L’Oreal’s new Pulp Riot offices located at 16501 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 400, in Encino, California. Ware Malcomb provided interior architecture and design services for the project. Pulp Riot is a professional brand of hair color known for its portfolio of cutting-edge products featuring bold and vibrant colors and a dedication to artistic expression. Their new 6,600 square foot office space includes a hair demo salon, conference rooms, open offices, flex offices and a photo studio. The space serves as a training facility for stylists throughout the country who frequently visit to learn how to create innovative hair styles with Pulp Riot’s wide array of coloring products. “This is a company with a very distinct brand, and we wanted the interior design to showcase that brand and tell a story throughout the space,” said Alicia Zaro, Director of Interior

Architecture & Design for Ware Malcomb’s Los Angeles office. “In working closely with the team at L’Oreal and Pulp Riot, we created an environment where the company’s branding could speak for itself in a space that inspires innovation and creativity for employees and visitors alike.” Ware Malcomb selected materials that used simple textures in contrasting ways. Black, white, and greys were paired with simple white walls to allow blank canvases for the company’s branding, creating huge statement walls. Darker ceilings were incorporated to allow for a deep contrast with the pops of colors on the walls, which were provided by a graffiti artist who had also worked on Pulp Riot’s branding and packaging. The conference rooms were designed around the names and color tones of Pulp Riot’s popular hair color products. Each one is unique and reflects a specific brand. Acoustical clouds were dropped in the main conference room with organic flowing carpet to create a grand entry for the space adjacent to the demo salon. Ware Malcomb

also selected furniture colors that tied into the overall branding concept. The general contractor for the project was Pinnacle . Established in 1972, Ware Malcomb is an international design firm providing planning, architecture, interior design, branding, civil engineering and building measurement services to commercial real estate and corporate clients. With office locations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, the firm specializes in the design of commercial office, corporate, industrial, science and technology, healthcare, retail, auto, public/educational facilities and renovation projects. Ware Malcomb is recognized as an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private company and a Hot Firm and Best Firm To Work For by Zweig Group. The firm is also ranked among the top 15 architecture/engineering firms in Engineering News-Record’s Top 500 Design Firms and the top 25 interior design firms in Interior Design magazine ’s Top 100 Giants.

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❚ ❚ Build trust and respect. Perhaps the most important attribute to employee retention is earning their trust and showing them respect. If you do not have a sense of trust with and among your employees, you are doomed from the start. Building a culture of open and honest communication will evoke this trust mentality. Ideas for developing a culture built on trust and respect: ❚ ❚ It’s important that you do not hold your employees on a tight leash and give them opportunities that illustrate they can be trusted and valued as an employee. If an employee cannot be trusted, don’t worry, it will become apparent. ❚ ❚ Don’t reprimand your employees for trivial mistakes, as it could lead to detrimental mistakes. ❚ ❚ Example: Let’s say a junior employee loses a specific tool while on the job and is hesitant to tell their supervisor, because they think it may cost them their job. So, they compromise by using another tool that can get the job done, albeit it is not standard procedure. Because the employee did not make their supervisor aware of the situation upfront, and an inappropriate tool was used, your company could face serious consequences if the structure or design proves to be faulty. ❚ ❚ Create an “open-door” environment that fosters growth. When your employees feel comfortable coming to you with feedback or expressing a concern it is all for the betterment of the company. Employees that don’t feel seen or heard within the organization will leave – it’s only a matter of time. In a nutshell, employee retention all comes down to respect and providing for your employees. They will quickly become your biggest cheerleaders! KIM FOWLER, CPSM is the marketing manager at Falcon Engineering, Inc. She can be reached at

❚ ❚ Celebrate big wins and recognize those who made it happen via a verbal announcement or on the company intranet. ❚ ❚ Recognize employee milestones, whether it be with a card, a cake, or a plaque on the wall. ❚ ❚ Have some fun and be flexible. We all know that corporate culture is an important piece of the pie when it comes to employee retention, and an all-work no-play environment can put a damper on morale. Keep spirits high by incorporating a little fun into the workday. You may feel like you’re losing valuable, chargeable time, but giving your employees permission to “check out” for a few hours will only benefit you in the end. Ideas for building a fun and relaxed work environment: ❚ ❚ Create a “fun” area. In other words, create a space in your office that complements what fun means to your employees. Does it include a TV, a ping pong table, comfy chairs, a bar with beer taps? The list could go on. No matter, create a space where your employees can convene for parties and celebrations that is away from their desks and working environment. ❚ ❚ Celebrate holidays. Whether it be dressing up at Halloween, giving your employees a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day, or sharing your favorite dishes at Thanksgiving, make sure you are leaving room for activities that encourage your staff to come together for non-work activities. ❚ ❚ Be flexible. Here in the South, college sports can be a big deal. Give employees the opportunity to watch their favorite team during March Madness or treat them to pizza during the Thursday night football game. Sports aside, be flexible with your team so they may have time to do the things they enjoy outside of work.

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