Crest Ink

Volume 28 • Number 03 July, August & September 2016 Ashton, IL 61006

Ashton, Illinois in 1952. Circled is the original location of Crest Foods on Main Street.

Crest Foods started from very humble beginnings as most businesses do – not from someone’s garage in the back yard, but close…a tiny little building on Main Street of Ashton Illinois in the fall of 1946. Crest actually was found- ed as M&S Dairy Specialties – named after the two food scientist, George McDonald and EC Scott who along with their accountant Tom Gaskins were the ones responsible for laying the very first stones in the foundation of our thriving business today. So much has happened in our little corner of town since those early days seventy years ago. Numerous local fami- lies have seen multiple generations call Crest their work home. In fact, for many we have evolved into our Crest work family. Looking back, we celebrate and cherish all of the events that have brought us to this point in time. More than anything – we celebrate the people…all of those that have played a role in making us uniquely who we are today. Thousands of people have drawn a paycheck over the years…the better part of a thousand currently do now. The guys who started things back in 1946 had no idea about the story that would follow the very first lines they were writing 70 years ago. Our first products were protein based dry shake mixes sold to the federal government to help fortify the diets of returning malnourished POW’s from World War 2. Another early customer for milk proteins was Anheuser Busch.

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