American Business Brokers - February 2021

The Fountain of Youth

Could Be the Key to the COVID-19 Vaccine Vaccines have been the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel we call the COVID-19 pandemic, but scientists don’t yet have a full picture of the virus or its treatments. In an effort to better understand the coronavirus, researchers are looking at how medical professionals can better treat our most vulnerable populations or prevent them from ever contracting COVID-19. Experts have long feared that a COVID-19 vaccine may not help the older adults who need it most, as these individuals are often more at risk of contracting the disease and having a weakened immune system. However, some researchers hypothesize that anti-aging medications may boost the effectiveness of the vaccine for older adults, and there are some promising results from early studies. One study published in Nature found that a drug that limited the creation of the protein mTOR lengthened the lifespan of fruit flies and mice. Anti-aging expert Jan Mannick explains that researchers think mTOR may contribute to failing immune systems in humans, so blocking the production of this protein could drastically improve the success rate of a COVID-19 vaccine in older adults.

understand the possible link between anti-aging medications and their effects on the efficacy of a COVID-19 vaccine in older adults. These medications include treatments that indirectly affect aging like some diabetes medication. The good news is that you don’t have to wait for researchers to find a “miracle pill” to boost your immunity. Incorporate natural remedies into your routine instead! Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and other foods rich in vitamin D that boost your immune system — like salmon, mushrooms, and greens — and remember to drink plenty of water. While you’re at it, wear sunscreen to prevent the sun from aging your skin prematurely and increasing your chance of having other health issues. It’s important to stay optimistic and do what we can with what we know now while researchers work toward an effective vaccine.

As promising as these results and many other studies are, medical experts are quick to remind the public that more research is needed to

The 75% Employee Rule


Throughout my years as a business owner, I oversaw thousands of employees. I would often complain about how hard it was to find good ones. Then, when I found good employees, I complained that they weren’t perfect. That struggle still exists today, as business owners and managers I talk to have similar gripes. So, how do you find the perfect employee? The answer is: You don’t. Let me explain. One time when I was running about 30 video rental stores, I was trying to put a marketing piece together, but I wanted it to be exactly right. So, even though I had an employee who created marketing tools and was good at his job, I didn’t trust him with my idea. I wanted it done perfectly, so I went to the local print shop myself. This print shop had made our marketing materials for years, and they knew who I was. The owner asked me what I was doing

coming to his store myself instead of sending an employee. I told him how I only trusted myself to get it perfect because I couldn’t find an employee I trusted to do the job perfectly. Then, he shook his head and told me something I haven’t forgotten since: There is no such thing as a perfect employee. Instead, he said, I should strive to find an employee who can do the job 75% correctly. He reasoned that if any employee could do better than that, they wouldn’t be an employee — they’d be their own boss. From that day forward, I still complained about how hard it was to find employees, but I never complained about finding the perfect employee. Instead, I looked for those 75-percenters. The 75% rule helped me keep what I want in an employee in perspective. It reminded me that employees are not mind readers. So, the next time you find yourself lamenting the

lack of “perfect” employees, remember the 75% rule. It will put your mind at ease. If you want to learn how I got my employees to be 75-percenters, stay tuned for the next edition of this newsletter!




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