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2022 MARKETING EXCELLENCE AWARD WINNERS Zweig Group’s Marketing Excellence Awards recognize outstanding, results-driven marketing in the AEC industry. Marketing Excellence Award entries were judged by a team of marketing professionals and evaluated based upon overall creativity, messaging, results achieved by the campaign, and level of design. For more information about the Marketing Excellence Awards or to see past winners of the award, click here.


INTEGRATED MARKETING/BRAND AWARENESS 1. BHC 2. Kleinschmidt Associates 3. DBR Engineering Consultants, Inc. INTERNAL NEWSLETTER 1. WSB 2. IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC 3. Colliers Engineering & Design RECRUITMENT/RETENTION COMMUNICATION 1. WSB 2. Patel, Greene and Associates, LLC 3. Kleinschmidt Associates VIDEO 1. Patel, Greene and Associates 2. LJA Engineering, Inc. 3. Bowers+Kubota Consulting

BROCHURE 1. LJA Engineering, Inc. 2. Ulteig Engineering PROJECT PURSUIT 1. Peloton Land Solutions 2. Environmental Design Group 3. ISG

AFG Group, Inc. 2. PK Electrical, Inc. EXTERNAL NEWSLETTER 1. WGI, Inc. 2. WSB 3. STO Building Group HOLIDAY 1. Tamarack Grove Engineering 2. LJA Engineering, Inc. 3. AFG Group, Inc. SPECIAL EVENT MARKETING 1. Environmental Design Group 2. Mulhern+Kulp 3. McAdams INTERNAL MARKETING 1.


2. LJA Engineering, Inc. 3. Miyamoto International WEBSITE 1. Tamarack Grove Engineering 2. CORE Consultants, Inc. 3. STO Building Group IDENTITY REBRAND 1. CORE Consultants, Inc. 2. SGH 3. Tamarack Grove Engineering

Westwood Professional Services

2. PK Electrical, Inc. 3. STO Building Group

Marketing spending and staffing isn’t effective without a plan. All (100 percent) of 2022 Marketing Excellence Award winning firms had a marketing plan, while just 74 percent of respondents to the 2021 Marketing Report had a marketing plan. Click here for more information on Zweig Group’s Marketing Excellence Award Winners and the Marketing Excellence Awards program. To participate in the 2022 Marketing Report of AEC Firms and get 50 percent off any report, click here. The salary data shown in this article is from the 2022 Mid- Year Update Salary Report of AEC Firms . This report shows base salaries for employees in architecture, engineering, and construction firms across the U.S. This 2022 Mid-Year Update Salary Report of AEC Firms presents data from 163 surveyed firms within the AEC industry and was collected between January and June of 2022. Christina Zweig Niehues is Zweig Group’s director of research and e-commerce. She can be reached at czweig@zweiggroup. com.


an average of 10 percent. Marketing staff labor has historically been the largest category of marketing spending and budgeting for AEC firms. Overall Zweig Group industry research has found that 93 percent of AEC firms budgeted for staff pay increases this year, with 79 percent stating they budgeted more than previous years, projecting an average of 6.1 percent pay increase over the course of the year. For firms that prioritize growth, one successful strategy is to invest in marketing – often this means retaining marketing and BD staff who are familiar with the firm, the brand, and work processes, and continuing to grow and adequately staff marketing departments as the overall firm size grows. Looking at the 2022 Mid-Year Salary Update Report , annual base salaries for marketing roles experienced an average of 7 percent increase from 2021 until now. Marketing director salaries increased by an average of 14 percent to hit $121,000 and salaries for business development representatives increased by 12 percent to hit an average of $120,000. Eighty- four percent of 2022 Marketing Excellence Award winning firms had a marketing director, compared with only 59 percent of all respondents to the 2021 Marketing Survey .

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