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Bringing Strength and Femininity to the Game

Marta Scores Top Goals, and Her Lipstick Looks Perfect While She Does It.

agree, because Twitter went into a frenzy both over Marta’s goal and her long-lasting lip wear.

In addition to being the all-time World Cup goal scorer, Marta is a starting forward for Orlando Pride, Orlando’s National Women’s Soccer League team. Her path to becoming a soccer icon hasn’t been easy. Despite the sport’s popularity in Brazil, from 1949 to 1971, girls and women were not allowed to play in any capacity. Marta rebelled against the prejudiced law and continued to play in protest, eventually earning herself a spot on a Brazilian national team. Now she continues to urge for equality, serving as a U.N. Goodwill ambassador and sending an empowering message to women and girls everywhere. While Brazil got knocked out of the World Cup a few games after their victory over Italy, Marta hasn’t stopped fighting to bring attention to women’s soccer and equal pay and treatment for all women. “People need to understand that women’s soccer is as attractive as men’s soccer to watch,” Marta says. She and her bold lipstick are proof that women can do anything — from scoring goals to empowering the world — and they’ll look damn good while they do it.

This summer, as Brazilian futbol star known simply as Marta sunk the game-winning goal into Italy’s net during the group stage, she became the all-time top scorer in the World Cup — men and women included. Marta looked joyful as the camera panned over her, her burgundy lipstick amazingly intact after over an hour of intense play under the French sun. Fans went wild for her victorious shot, and they wanted to know where she got her lovely lipstick.

“I always wear lipstick, not that color, but today I said, ‘I’m going to dare.’ I tried it, and I think it was good,” Marta said. Fans seemed to | 956-664-1234

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