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According to Lonely Planet, a large travel guidebook publisher, October is the best time of the year to visit North America’s national parks. The reasoning is simple: There are fewer crowds as children are back in school, temperatures in the desert areas are dropping, northern areas are not terribly cold yet, and low season rates for hotels and lodging are in place. Not to mention, the leaves are changing across the country and for many animals, it is mating season. My two absolute favorite national parks are the Redwood National and State Parks and the Grand Canyon National Park. I find the Grand Canyon to be a majestic mystery. Incised by the Colorado River, it is absolutely breathtaking. Photographs simply do not do it justice — you aren't able to take in the vastness unless you are standing right on the rim, imagining the power of the water over time to dig the canyon. The geological beauty is unsurpassed and is something that must be visited in person to experience. Although I’ve checked the Grand Canyon off my list, I would

love to revisit and whitewater raft through there — talk about an adrenaline rush!

are easily accessible for all, and one can reach many viewpoints by car. There is no better way to see the sights and nature than up close and personal. It can even be fun to wander off the beaten path a tad and really explore. Not to mention, getting away from the crowds and enjoying all that nature has to offer without the voices and flashing cameras is peaceful. Nature is something that the world takes for granted. Taking care of and preserving all of the beauty the world has to offer is paramount and, as humans, our health is another thing that we take for granted. Sometimes we may not realize that until we get injured or sick. Just as it is important to take care of nature for future generations, it is essential to recognize that taking care of yourself and paying attention to your health pays off. It is much easier to do this as a prevention than to worry about potential problems that may arise down the road because you didn’t make health a priority.

The Redwood National and State Parks are home to a string of protected trees — beautiful, enormous, and grand redwood trees. You see pictures of them and can try to envision their size, but unless you are standing right at the base of them, you don’t have that perspective. They are monstrous, majestic, serene, and calming all at once. Being there really reinforces just how old the Earth is, relatively speaking. It is an experience like no other to be among the redwoods, one with nature. Locally, although it is a state park commemorating the early days of San Diego, Old Town is a really fun place to visit. It features many museums and Mexican restaurants — a state park and a margarita? Yes, please!

But really, my favorite part about visiting national parks is the opportunity to hike. National parks

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