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Sacha’s Park in the running for $100,000 Community Fund Grant Sacha’s Park has been accepted as one of the projects eligible for a grant of up to $100,000 from the 2015 Aviva Community Fund. "e universally accessible playground project, slated to be built in L’Orignal, is in the running for a portion of the $1 million fund that Aviva is giving away to worthy community projects across Canada. Aviva Canada has provided $5.5 million to 192 winning projects from coast to coast in the past six years. time, Sacha’s Park already had more than 1,300 votes.

«"is is a huge opportunity for our pro- ject,” Sacha’s Park organizer, Jason Chenier, explained. “A grant from the Aviva Com- munity Fund would de#nitely be the push we need to get this project o$ the ground.» Chenier said the key to a successful bid will be for the community to show their sup- port daily during the voting period. «Each person is eligible to vote up to 18 times over the 18-day contest, so it is important that our supporters log in and vote each and every day. Let’s show the rest of Canada how our little community can get behind a project that we truly believe in. I know if we work together we can be successful in making our project come out on top.» In anticipation of the upcoming voting round, supporters of Sacha’s Park are directed to the project’s Facebook page at facebook. com/sachaspark, where organizers will pro- vide updates on the progress of the contest entry. Online voting will begin onOctober 6 through the Aviva Community Fundwebsite, a Upper Canada district schools will have a new curriculum plan for their special education programs. "e Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) approved its 2015 Special Educa- tion Plan. "e 51-page document covers policy guidelines ranging from student placement to sta%ng levels suggested to meet the district goals. Valerie Allen, program superintendent, told trustees that the report also deals with the current drop in provincial government support funding for special education pro- grams. «"e sta%ng re!ected in the report,» stated Allen, «shows minimal impact in the area of school and classroom special education teachers, and a consistent level of educational assistant support within our schools. Schools are still supported by a number of specialized professionals and paraprofessionals, such as psychologists and speech language pathologists.» "e report noted that this term, the UCDSB will have the 580-full-time-equi- valent sta$ providing special education programming. "at number includes 338 school-based educational assistants, 10 special education teachers for the Sec- tion 23 program, 92 elementary learning resource coaches, 57 secondary learning resource coaches, 10 speech language assis- tants, and eight itinerant student support workers, who will go from school to school on assignments. Also noted in the report is a district phi- losophy that promotes «early intervention» to help students who are struggling to suc- ceed, along with information on types of student issues like learning disabilities or language impairment, which the special education program tries to address. Upper Canada special ed plan approved

Acceptance of the project proposal is just the #rst step in the process for Sacha’s Park, which will be one of several entries Canadians will be asked to vote for from October 6 to 23. Entries that place in the top #ve for their category, when the votes are tallied, will move on to the #nal round where a panel of judges will award $100,000 to one grand prize winning project. At press

A playground to be known as Sacha’s Park is being proposed for the new Place La Seigneurie development in L’Orignal. #e playground, once built, will be di!erent than a typical playground in that it will be universally accessible, allowing children of all abilities to fully enjoy the park and its equipment.

I have had the opportunity to be in the spot light during both my amateur and professional careers and the choices I made were not always good ones. Many times over my eighteen years of professional hockey I put my career and future in jeopardy. Never on a criminal level, but I deϐinitely set myself back multiple times instead of making better choices to help advance my career in a more fruitful direction. It was only after multiple times of putting myself in bad situations throughout the ϐirst half of my career did I only realize I needed to make better choices and better decisions. Once I did, I started to see my game, my life and my future improve drastically. If you make a decision to become a high-level athlete and pursue a dream to become a professional, you need to understand everything that comes with it. The fame and fortune that is associated with it may seem very attractive, but you need to remember that if you do not make good choices along the way, then that fame and fortune may be more out of reach than you think.



Making good choices as an athlete Almost every week you can read about a professional athlete falling to the wayside because of a bad decision they have made. It could be as little as a player being suspended by their coach because of their bad attitude or it can be as big as a player doing something on a criminal level and being banned from the sport forever. An athlete does not get to decide on whether or not they want to live a private life. Once you become a high- level athlete, either on a professional level or as young competitive amateur, you will automatically enter the world of “everyone is watching you…very closely”. Some people will be rooting for you and some will be waiting for you to fail. You will either bask in your success or wallow in your failure. Sometimes I look at sports today and wonder why anyone would want that kind of pressure.

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