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GPR contenders on E-cars and environment


&e NDP, Laurin noted, would commit to setting up 150 charging stations on federal properties across the country to help sup- port development of a national network of charging stations and also encouragemore people to buy e-cars and trucks. «Beingmyself an activist for climate jus- tice, I personally do think such cars should be subsidized in part by the federal govern- ment,» stated Laurin, «just like the provincial incentives given on the purchase of certain types of electric vehicles and, if elected, I will work hard towards making this a reality. &ese kinds of purchasing incentives could help in bringing down the overall gas emis- sions produced by the commuters in our region who work in the Ottawa or Montréal areas.» Francis Drouin, Liberal «Sadly, during the Harper decade, Cana- da’s environment has su!ered,» stated Fran- cis Drouin of the Liberals. «Under Stephen Harper’s watch, Canada has lost 71 per cent of its clean techmarket share. We’ve become a laughing-stock in the international com- munity.» Drouin noted that a strong economy and environmental protection can work together, and the Liberal platform calls for attracting investment in «clean» technology in Canada. «We will start by adding electricity storage technologies and electrical car charging stations to the list of investments that are eli- gible for accelerated capital cost allowance,»

stated Drouin. «&is type of initiative will not only bring economic growth, but will also reduce our carbon footprint. We will do this by phasing out the subsidization of the fossil fuel industry.» Pierre Lemieux, Conservative «As a Conservative government, we sup- port research and development that has helped lead to the availability of electric vehicles and charging stations through spe- cial tax credit initiatives,» stated MP Pierre Lemieux, the incumbent Conservative. «At this point in the commercialization of technology, there is better infrastructure support for hybrid electric vehicles than for all-electric vehicles.» Lemieux noted that the Conservative government goal is to work on reducing «greenhouse gas» emissions from vehicles and other sources. He stated that the «green- house gas» emission rate for Canada inc- reased 30 per cent during the past Liberal administration despite promises for reduc- tion. «We have an ambitious greenhouse gas reduction target that is in line with other major industrialized countries,» stated Lemieux. «Under our leadership, we are the #rst Western country that will phase out coal-#red power stations. We have also invested nearly $3.6 billion in ecoenergy ini- tiatives targeting renewable energy, energy science, and technology and energy e'- ciency. We will not, however, impose upon

Canadians the Carbon Tax promised by the Liberals, under which all Canadians will pay higher taxes for all forms of energy.&is would be particularly hard on senior citizens on #xed incomes who already struggle with electricity costs, and on families living in a rural riding like Glengarry-Prescott-Russell.» Genevieve Malouin-Diraddo, Green Party «Electric vehicle technology is rapidly developing,» stated Geneviève Malouin- Diraddo. «&e Green Party would like to work with the auto industry, provinces, and territories to develop a sustainable vehicles strategy.» Malouin-Diraddo expressed strong sup- port for her party’s policy for a fast-charging e-vehicle network and supporting infrastruc- ture, including creation of «travel corridor» pilot projects around major urban centres. «Electric vehicles are economical for city driving,» she stated, «and future models in development will economically replace the full function of internal combustion engines.» She noted the Green Party would support fast-tracking «the market arrival of plug- in hybrid and fully electric vehicles» and a Green Party government would commit to buying a large number of plug-in hybrid and e-vehicles for federal government use. &e party’s election policy also calls for tax bene#ts and purchase rebates for energy- e'cient company cars.

“Go green”may be the slogan for 21 st -cen- tury society as environment issues and worries become more and more a part of everyone’s lives. Will electric cars and char- ging stations replace gas-guzzling family sedans? Local GPR candidates weigh in on the environmental side of the election campaign. In posing a question on the environment for federal candidates in Glengarry-Prescott- Russell, EAP detoured a bit from the usual general theme given recent presentations to local council for support of a regional char- ging station network for electric and hybrid vehicles. Ideas fromcandidates about other «green» issues are acceptable but #rst EAP wanted to know : What is YOUR position on issues like electric vehicles and expansion of electric vehicle charging stations? Should the federal government subsidize such vehicles and invest in a charging-station network? Normand Laurin, NDP «Promoting a clean environment in Ca- nada and reducing the e!ects of climate change demands leadership,» stated Nor- mand Laurin of the NDP. «And this means, among other things, to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies, invest in transit to help cities reduce emissions, implement a cap-and- trade system to put a price on carbon, and promoting electric vehicles.»

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