Benita Ruiz | Mulholland Citrus A 25-year Mulholland Citrus veteran, Benita Ruiz was promoted to Crew Lead/Nursery Manager 10 years ago. “We decided to promote from within because Benita was really the perfect person. She had all the expertise and leadership skills we were looking for,” said Heather Mulholland, Chief Operating Officer at Mulholland Citrus. Since being placed in charge of her crew, Ruiz has gained the respect of her team and has excelled beyond expectations.

“I had to gain the respect of a lot of people because they were not used to a woman giving them orders. At the beginning it was difficult, but over the years I have been gaining the respect of my co-workers. Now we have created a great team. I feel very happy and grateful to be working here at this job and that I have been given the opportunity to perform this work ,” Ruiz said.

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