Alfredo Lopez | Bowles Farming Company, Inc. Since starting at Bowles Farming Company as a tractor driver in 2001, Alfredo Lopez’s career growth has mirrored the company’s growth. As the company expanded to more crops and explored new technologies, Lopez advanced from mechanic to foreman—dabbling in everything from welding to testing new equipment and technology. He is now the Equipment Operation Supervisor.

“I came to this company in March 2001, and I began working on the tractor. During that time, this company only grew cotton and alfalfa, so there were not many job opportunities. But the company was growing and there were some people here who gave me more opportunities like Cannon (Michael) and the family. They have a lot of respect for their workers,” Lopez said. “When they released new technology, there were more opportunities for people, and that ’s when they offered me the chance to help with their tractors. As each day passes, I want to learn more and do the best possible job. All the people around here feel very protected and grateful that the company is growing,”

Angel Gutierrez | Church Brothers Farms Angel Gutierrez started off driving trucks in the field for Church Brothers Farms, and, throughout the years, has been offered numerous growth opportunities within the company. More than 10 years later, he now runs the entire trucking and maintenance program for the farm.

“Church Brothers has shown me that they care about me by listening to my ideas. They listen to me, and they acknowledge everything we do. This family-owned company has shown me that I am part of their family by letting me grow with them,” Gutierrez said.



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