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As the holidays approach, our story Delegate to

Elevate on Page 2 comes to mind. Some years ago, I had developed a call center. We had over 60 employees making over 30,000 calls a day. Everything ran fine and if an issue came up, I was there to quickly jump in and fix it. One day I finally just needed some vacation/ downtime from the intense daily routine ... and I realized I couldn’t leave! I just had too many tasks only I could handle. Feeling trapped, I asked my mentor for advice. Fortunately, he responded, “Well, if you want a day off, train your people and delegate.” So, I did. Finally, I took a “test” day and stayed at home ready to be called if needed ... my employees were up to the task. They took it upon themselves to resolve the issues with the tools I had given them. Together, they worked through the day making decisions asking: “What would Dan do?” and it worked! Advantage … I now had capable employees who could ensure the center ran smoothly. (and I got that vacation!) Even better, knowing the company was running smoothly gave me time to focus on business growth. Remember, if you are finding yourself “trapped” at the office, train and delegate!

The end of another year is rapidly approaching, and we sincerely hope all your business endeavors have been fruitful and promising. But if your business has been struggling to climb out of the red, then the end of the year is a great time to consider changing up your operations. Change can be unsettling to think about, and it takes hard work to achieve, but it’s a necessary step toward keeping your business growing. Here are some essential steps to get the ball rolling so you can start fresh in the new year. DEFINE YOUR GOALS Before you spend any time or money on implementing changes, you need to know what results you’re aiming for. Having clear-cut goals in mind, whether it’s one or a dozen, will set the stage for change. Spend time examining what your business needs to be more successful. If you know where you need to end up, it’ll be easier to figure out how to get there. DECIDE ON CHANGES Once you’ve got your goals in place, it’s time to figure out how best to achieve them. Don’t fall into the same patterns you’ve been following — that’s what got you here in the first place. Old habits don’t lead to new results. Consider re-assigning roles to employees, changing your management systems, or exploring new clientele and opportunities. Keep in mind what’s best for your bottom line and the longevity of your business.

Have a great holiday season!

- Dan Larson

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