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Having fun with Christmas gift exchanges

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The gift exchange is one of the most enjoyable moments of a Christmas party, especially if it’s been well thought out. Take the opportunity of a gathering with friends or family several months before Christmas to decide on the rules. After calculating the number of participants and the value of each gift, a fun and original way of organizing the exchange should be agreed upon.

Apart from the traditional drawing of names from a hat, there are several other formulas which can be just as amusing. Suggest an exchange in which all the gifts have to start with the same letter or be the same colour. Those with a good sense of humour could exchange the ugliest or the most useless gift. There are also sev- eral variants using decks of cards where people can steal other people’s gifts. This can really add to the suspense but be warned that beautiful packaging can sometimes be deceiving! The “thief” could also be made to sing a song or tell a story before he can steal the gift. If younger chil- dren are involved in the exchange, plan a treasure hunt with clues in different parcels. There are even some Internet sites which make gift exchanges easier, especially when the family is spread out around the country. All you have to do is register the group, each participant having an access code which allows them to enter a list of suggestions and up-date it when necessary. No matter what kind of formula you decide on, follow the rules of the exchange and keep that secret right to the end. That’s the key to success.

There are many ways of making a gift exchange very entertaining.

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