A winter festival in your own backyard! MAGIC Christmas

Que la période des Fêtes soit pour vous l’occasion de festoyer en famille. Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année à tous!

If it’s cold outside and the ground is cov- ered with snow, planning indoor activities isn’t your only option. Generally speaking, people aren’t as busy during the winter as they are in the summer, which makes it easier to get together with all your friends and organize a winter festival in your own backyard! After setting the date, send out the invitations. Tell your guests that this is an outdoor activ- ity and they should wear snowsuits and other warm clothing. Then think about what you will need for the event. Lighting is essential — some old lamps ¿tted with coloured light bulbs or strings of Christmas lights could create the perfect atmosphere. Then there

it’s better to be prepared in case anyone hadn’t expected the temperature to drop quite so low. To ensure that the evening goes smoothly, be sure no one goes inside your house. Going into the warmth can unbalance the body’s tem- perature and, once back outside, your guests will feel the cold even more. However, if you have a door leading from your basement to the backyard, this would be an ideal way to get to the bathroom. You could lower the tempera- ture in this part of your home to avoid sudden changes in temperature.

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Sylvie & Normand Séguin et toute l’équipe vous offrent leurs vœux les plus chaleureux en cette période des fêtes

is music to consider. Most radios work well in the cold but, if you prefer, you could either build a protec- tive box for it or sim- ply leave the sound system inside and just take the speakers out- side. A crackling bon¿re will help your guests keep warm, or you could rent heating lamps if your bud- get allows for it. Plan to have a reserve of thick sweaters, gloves, scarves, hats and warm socks on hand for your guests;



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Organizing a winter festival in your backyard is easily done with a few lights, some music and warm clothing!

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Joyeux Noël et bonne année! Merry Christmas

& Happy New Year! « À l’occasion du temps des Fêtes, nous avons une pensée toute spéciale à votre attention et des souhaits pour que cette période de retrouvailles et de festivités apporte joie, paix et amour dans vos foyers. »

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