Selected pages from "The Protest and The Recuperation"


It is always with great pleasure that we arrive at the time in an exhibition proj- ect when we thank themany people near and far who have contributed to its success. We are extremely indebted to all of them. The Protest and The Recuperation represents the close collaborations of many gifted colleagues without whom the exhibition would have not been possible. The Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University is truly amazing in its ability to provide platforms for new developments in art and art history in concertwith the artists, scholars, writers, and arts professionalswithwhomwe collaborate.We thoroughly enjoy sharing our efforts andworkingwith our vari- ous constituencies, especially the Columbia community, our Upper Manhattan neighbors, and our diverse onsite visitors and remote audiences alike. With this exhibition, we are privileged to showcase the work of an in- credible group of global artists and writers who have guided and inspired our understanding of the intersection between art and protest. It is with the deepest gratitude that we thank the talented artists who have remained committed to the project despite the countless adjustmentswe have had to navigate together brought onby the coronavirus pandemic, includ- ing a delay in the exhibition dates. Theywere all incredibly gracious, generously devoting time and thought to the exhibition. They areKhalidAlbaih, LaraBaladi, Sharon Chin, Chow Chun Fai, Rachael Haynes, Sreshta Rit Premnath, Oliver Ressler, Josué Rivas, Hank Willis Thomas, and Eugenia Vargas-Pereira. Special thanks to all of the artists who participated in our public programs and events. We owe a tremendous amount to the Wallach Art Gallery staff, who encouraged a sense of risk and possibility and embraced an undertaking of this scale, scope, and depth in themidst of a global pandemic. We are tremen- dously grateful to Lewis Long, Associate Director of External Affairs; Jennifer Mock, Associate Director of Public Programs and Education; and Jeanette Silverthorne, Associate Director of Finance and Administration for their en- thusiasm and vision. In addition, we wish to thank Elisa Heikkilä, Associate Director of Development Initiatives, Arts & Sciences, for her ardent efforts to secure funds for the Gallery’s exhibitions and programming. Gallery Manager Eddie Bartolomei and Registrar and Exhibitions Coordinator Diana Matuszak are invaluable in assuring that theWallach exhibitions are prepared, mounted, cared for, and maintained. We are grateful to the gallery attendants Evan Clinton, Stephanie Litchfield, and Daniel Lopez, who ensure that visitors have the highest quality experience, and to our Administrative Assistant Zachary Valdez, who steadfastly assists us with our administrative and programming ambitions. We offer a warm thank you to Marina Avia Estrada, a student in Columbia University’s Art History and Archaeology Department’s MODA


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