Selected pages from "The Protest and The Recuperation"

2. Nidaa Badwan, “100 Days of Solitude,” exh. cat. (Jerusalem: Al Hoash Gallery, 2015); see http://www. wan16/badwan16.html.

self-portraits in her series 100 Days of Solitude , 2 where her withdrawal in pro- test from life outside her home in Gaza enables an outpouring of gorgeous self-creation. What distinguishes the Wallach Art Gallery’s exhibition is the collectivemaking that seems to drive its artists. When the practices of art-making meet the practices of protest, the works in the exhibition suggest, one glimpses not just collective human re- silience but the vision of a different form of social organization. Even when violence is the subject, art-making can recuperate some of what violence and oppression tear away. If politics is in part the art of sharing the dream of a different world, art is surely its natural counterpart. Creative work makes recuperationmaterial.


Amy Hungerford

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