Cronin Law Firm - June/July 2020


Dear Friends, As a business owner, customer service and making sure my team and I are excelling at taking care of your needs are of utmost importance to me. During this unprecedented time, I especially want to ensure you are taken care of because difficulties, fears, and frustrations are affecting us all. Not only are we dealing with uncertainties relating to and stemming from COVID-19, but we are also witnessing mass chaos and turmoil across our nation. Many are feeling helpless, with very little control over their lives. It is crucial to know, especially now, that the one thing we can control is ourselves and how we respond and react — in other words, how we show up. Taking care of people has been a passion of mine since I was very young. To give of yourself and to help others is truly a calling. I feel very fortunate that my team and I can serve you, especially now. Once we were all ordered to stay home, I wanted to serve you in ways that I believed would be of significant value to you. Every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. for the past three months, I have brought different lessons, tools, and advice designed to help you. What started out as a Facebook Live event to discuss the many challenges of co-parenting has evolved into the Cronin Challenge 2 Change. I invite you to listen to these interviews every Tuesday on this Facebook Live series. It is designed to give you hope! There are so many people, just like you, who have overcome adversities and difficulties. They are now better versions of themselves. It is so important to rise above any conflict or adversity in life rather than be a victim to it. Also, every Thursday at 11:30 a.m., attorneys from our team answer your questions about anything and everything legal, ranging from COVID-19 and how it is affecting your family, your business, or your property to any other area of concern to you. Knowledge is power, and by arming you with knowledge, I want you to feel more in control of your life and taken care of in ways far greater than you would expect from any other legal counsel. Everyone goes through adversity in life, but it is howwe deal with those challenges that truly define our character. I firmly believe we must rise to be better. Instead of looking for the other person to change or waiting for our circumstances to change, we must first change ourselves. We must be the change we want to see in the world. This belief cannot be more poignant today. Everyone is concerned about politics, the government, this pandemic, and race relations. Instead of being merely concerned, shouldn’t we do something to effect change in a positive way? The only thing we can control in all of this is ourselves. If we are the best

versions of ourselves, no matter how global or how personal our problems may be, we are able to overcome them. The only thing we should be concerned with is how we show up and how we work to overcome the challenge. Do we give in, do we give up, or do we rise? So often, people are judgmental. They’re unsympathetic and do not hear the other person’s side. So often, we are more worried about getting our point across than listening to someone else’s opinion with respect. So often, we do not arm ourselves with facts but merely with speculation and propaganda. Oftentimes, too, we allowother people to make us feel inferior orwe get our self-worth from others’ validation. Too often, we react with high emotion and without thoughtful intelligence and reasoning. If we all stopped caring so much about all the outside influences and only worried about ourselves and our performance, then the world would be a much better place. If we all became a bit more introspective, a bit more patient and accepting, and a bit more confident in ourselves and our own abilities so that we would realize we are only limited by our minds, then we would be further ahead not only individually but also as a nation. I started our Facebook Live events on Tuesdays and Thursdays so our viewers have a place to go to help them broaden their minds and perspectives. I want to empower all our viewers so we are all better versions of ourselves. This will have a ripple effect and, in turn, create better families, better communities, and better nations. When people are overcome with extreme situations and stress levels are high, as has been our current state of the union and our own state of Michigan (which has suffered through some of the country’s worst ramifications of COVID-19), many people lose sight of what truly matters. If there is some advice I can leave you with, it is this: Fighting for the sake of principle gets costly in every sense of the word. It takes a much stronger person to maintain peace and dignity in the face of contempt or acrimony than to mirror that same sentiment. Give yourself the space to feel what you must, but always be impeccable with your word. Then, go out in the world and be courageous in your actions, be confident in your choices, and be compassionate with your spirit.

From all of us at The Cronin Law Firm to all of you, stay well and keep your spirits high! My best to you always,

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