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My birthday is Jan. 31, and since it falls on the last day of the month, I like to really stretch out the celebration — it becomes more of a “birth month” than a birthday! For this reason, my team thought it would be fitting for me to take some time to talk about my journey into the world of real estate investment and Smart Real Estate Coach. I initially became interested in real estate when I was in middle school helping my parents with their business. From then, throughout high school and college, I stopped by the office whenever I could and helped them keep their processes running fluidly. I called potential buyers and sellers, handled paperwork, and even lent a hand with partial and total house rehabs. While I thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with my family and the ins and outs of property investment itself, I ended up going to college with a different career path in mind.

is still a major passion of mine, so I decided to major in animal sciences. I graduated from Notre Dame Academy in 2008 and continued my education at Johnson and Wales University to study “Being able to work with my family to help other families achieve their own goals and dreams is my favorite aspect of my job.” equine business management/riding. I then went on to the University of Rhode Island, where I was the Captain of the URI IHSA equestrian team for three years and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science and technology.

Once I had my degree, something changed. First, I realized that, because riding and taking care of animals was so important to me, I didn’t want to make it my job. I wanted to keep it as a hobby, and hence, keep it as a passion. Additionally, I wanted to have a job where I could be close to my family. In 2014, I joined the Smart Real Estate Coach team, and I’ve never regretted the decision. I get to spend my days working alongside the people closest to me. What’s more, when I had my beautiful boy, Remi, last year, he was able to come to the office with me until he started walking. The whole family loved to stop by and see him throughout the day. For the last five years, I’ve served as the General Manager of Operations, which means I am constantly working to perfect our company’s processes, time management, and overall organization. I also help Associates in a similar manner

For my entire life, I’ve had an affinity for animals. I grew up riding horses, which




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