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KRISTINE TRAVIS “I was tired of making money for assholes.” She is sharing her story and wisdom with others, largely thanks to the guidance of the KBB Method.

JENNA KUTCHER She bought a camera for $300, now runs her own 7-figure empire. “I’m a small town Minnesota photographer, podcaster, educator and puppy rescuer, my happiest days are spent behind my computer screen sharing my secrets with the world.”

Dear Current and Future Knowledge Brokers, Welcome to K N O W L E D G E M A G A Z I N E Whether you’re exploring the self education industry for the first time or you’re a certified Knowledge Business Broker, let us assure you… You’ re in the r ight place. The self education and knowledge sharing industry is BOOMING. 100s of Millions are made every day in this industry, and many knowledge brokers absolutely love what they do. So if your goal was to explore what might lie ahead of you…This magazine is a crucial resource. It can help you get happier and healthier, reveal the secrets of the knowledge and self education industry, and open the door to the life of passion and purpose you’ve been searching for. Welcome to a community of do-ers, dream followers, fire walkers and leading entrepreneurs. Our question for you is simple… Where will you go?


Professional Do-ers


With an influx of online classes and industry professionals becoming educators, the education industry has turned on its head.way? Learn how to get unstuck.

The Better Life Challenge


Learn simple ways to alter your daily routine for a happier, more successful life.

Graduates and Superlatives


See what some of the top students in the Knowledge Business Blueprint have said about the course.

Get Plugged In


Save the dates for when Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi will share their knowledge and motivate the next wave of entrepreneurs.


A thought from entrepreneur Dean Graziosi on how to keep growing, find happiness and make the most of your life


Life is full of tough decisions. They can be painful. They can be scary. They can cause you to fear the unknown.

So, what do we do? We tuck it away, put it out of our mind and move on to something else.

That’s how we get stuck.

If we don’t make those tough decisions – to quit that dead- end job, to start that business, to finish that training course – nothing will change. In fact, our situation might actually get worse. Use these tools of thought to break out of that rut and make the changes that will lead to a happy and successful life. Imagine if you don’t change anything for five years. How will it feel when you’re in the same exact spot and haven’t made any progress? Rather than fear the unknown, let yourself fear what will happen if you stay where you are right now.

a new office in 5 years. Maybe you’ll continue to eat that unhealthy diet and rarely exercise, and in a few years you don’t love how you look or feel. Whatever tough decision or change you’re avoiding, map out the course of your life if you continue to avoid it. You might find that you’re okay with where your life is currently headed. Or, you might be unhappy with what you realize. Either way, continue on your second piece of paper by mapping out where your life might go if you make that change. You might think that you’d feel insecure…and that’s totally fine… but you might also find that this change leads you to pursue your passion, take better care of your health, or open lines of communication in your relationship. Write it all out. Think about your future, and how you’ll feel about your life if you never make a decision. Ten years from now, are you going to look back and be excited about the security you got from never making a change? Are you going to smile when you think about the passion you never pursued? Or, are you going to wish you took that chance, embraced that risk and followed the unknown path? And the last step…

“If you don’t make a decision, the pain of that inaction will do nothing but grow.”

Identify the decision that you’ve been pushing away. Are you questioning your relationship? Your job? The next step in your career? The thing that’s holding you back can come from any area of your life. If you follow any of these steps, follow this one. Find two pieces of paper (a whiteboard will work too) and, starting with the first sheet, map out what your life will look if you don’t make a decision. Where are you right now? And where will you be in six months, a year, 5 years, 10 years if nothing changes? Draw a flowchart and think about the small things… maybe you’ll get a raise or a promotion in 2 years, then you’ll have

“Your next level of life, of happiness, of joy, always lives on the other side of your biggest challenge.”

One of the best ways to become a successful entrepreneur or knowledge broker is to learn from those who have had the most success. Dean Graziosi swears by these books as some of the most influential in his own ultra-successful career. Take the time to read them, you won’t regret it!

Measure What Matters OKRs: The Simple Idea That Drives 10x Growth By John Doerr, with contributions from Bill Gates and Bono

Shoe Dog

A Memoir by the Creator of Nike By Phil Knight

When you think about the biggest company in the world, which one comes to mind first? Google? Amazon? I love this book because it reveals the strategy that John Doerr introduced to grow Google, Amazon, and so many other companies into the absolute forces they are today. In 1999, Google had cutting-edge technology and plenty of passion and ambition – but it lacked a true plan for growth. This story is all-too-familiar, isn’t it? Doerr, a venture capitalist, invested nearly $12 million into Google that year and showed its founders the power of Objectives and Key Results, or OKRs. OKRs allow a company to constantly evolve and evaluate by setting new goals depending on what works and what doesn’t. They show that anything can be accomplished by breaking big ideas into smaller, more manageable steps. It seems simple, but Doerr’s book shows how powerful this model has been! Doerr’s biggest contribution to Google – probably not his money, but a highly successful business model – resulted in unprecedented growth. Dozens of other companies have adopted Doerr’s model and, thanks to the idea that businesses need transparent goals and honest evaluation from CEO to secretary, have all become immensely successful!

I’d be willing to bet you own at least one piece of clothing with a swoosh on it. This biography is one of my favorites because I love the story of how Knight created his own path and overcame adversity. Phil Knight turned Nike into one of the most iconic companies on the planet, and this book is his secret formula. I won’t give away too much other than to tell you that, well, there is no secret formula! Knight’s strategy was one that most of us could adopt today if we had the mindset to do it. He followed three basic principles: 1. Find a mentor who can teach you and believe in you. 2. Hire competent people and give them direction, but not directives. 3. Go for broke. You’re only getting older – so why not follow your dream right now? These are all ideas I’ve tried to adopt in my own life. I’ve had so many great mentors in my life; I always want my team to feel empowered; and I never want to take anything for granted. Read this book – you won’t regret it. If it worked for Nike, it can work for you!

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“Professional teachers are slowly being replaced by professional do-ers, turning the education industry on its head.”


But it shouldn’t be your only power.

Companies such as LinkedIn Learning (also called Lynda. com), Masterclass, Udemy and Skillshare are leading the charge toward connecting people who have certain skills to people who want to learn those skills. They recognize that professional teachers are slowly being replaced by professional do-ers, turning the education industry on its head. Though it may sound intimidating, the path toward becoming a graphic designer, web and app developer, master public speaker AND writer is easier than it’s ever been through these rapidly growing self-education tools. In order to maintain a successful business in today’s world, where information travels fast and is presented in more attractive and accessible ways than ever, you need a few things. A website is important, as is a marketable brand and logo. Depending on your business, you may want

Don’t let your superpower be your only power We all have superpowers. If you’re a Knowledge Business Broker, it’s likely that you’ve identified yours already. If you’re unsure what yours is, rest assured that there is something uniquely valuable about you that no one else has. Your superpower can be, and probably should be, the basis of your career.

an app, a presentation, a publication or a strong public- speaking presence. But what if you don’t have those skills? Are you going to pay someone to design your logo and website? What about hiring a writer to handle your weekly newsletter? While this is certainly a possibility, the costs can add up. Instead, what if you taught yourself everything you needed to know to build your business? Following the trend toward online education and the informal sharing of skills can benefit you tremendously if you choose to take advantage of it.

The beauty of this trend toward online self-education is that any skill you want or need to learn is available with a few clicks and a small fee (you may even have free access through your public library). But that’s also the challenge – since it’s now easier than ever to be a multi- skilled, DIY business owner, you’ve got competition. If you aren’t constantly learning how to become a more engaging speaker or staying up-to-date with the latest website capabilities, someone else is. Right now, it’s more crucial than ever that you constantly learn and grow. Self- evolution is a daily endeavor. Online self-education courses are just like any other business venture – you’ll get out what you put in. If you dive headfirst into courses and dedicate yourself to the material, you will master skills that will allow you to build and run your business on your own. If you don’t give much effort, your results (or lack of results) will show. In short, you (and all of your competitors) have access to online self-education that can turn you into a master of many things. It’s on you to dedicate the time and effort to learn.

“Self-evolution is a daily endeavor.”

LinkedIn Learning offers courses in everything from the basics of using Adobe Photoshop (need to create a logo?) to the nitty-gritty

details of developing websites and apps through various coding languages. Udema has 100,000 courses from which to choose. And Masterclass features writing classes taught by Malcolm Gladwell and cooking classes with Gordon Ramsey.

Jenna Kutcher bought a camera for $300 on Craigslist when she was 22 with the dream of leaving her stuffy corporate job to pursue her passion her passion for photography. Her investment paid off – she now runs her own 7-figure empire.

We sat down with the small-town Minnesota success story to her advice on becoming a successful business owner.

Questions for Jenna Kutcher:

Why did you pursue a career in the knowledge-sharing industry? To me, knowledge is power and sharing knowledge is the best way to add joy, save time, or help others to make money… isn’t that kind of what life is about? For me, sharing knowledge is like grabbing the hands of people I care about and leading them to bigger results faster and thus, it’s how I make a greater impact not just on those directly exposed to my content but to anyone they then share it with. What was your biggest challenge to reaching success? Time! It’s easy to wonder how it’s possible that we have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce. Time is my currency and so making the time to create the content, share the knowledge, and get it out into the world is always the biggest obstacle, especially as a mom. I’m pretty much a naptime warrior these days and fighting to spend every minute well. Understand that you are an expert in something… even when you don’t feel like one or don’t feel ready. When you start to harness your genius and honor it, that’s when the magic happens. If you keep doubting that you have something of value to offer, then you’ll never move forward. The world needs what you’ve got and what you know. In your opinion, what’s the biggest myth about becoming a successful business owner? That it happens overnight…. nothing happens over night. The most successful people are the most relentless people, the people who believe in the power of their dreams and are in a pursuit without caution. Nothing happens overnight, you have to want it bad enough to wake up every day to take just one imperfect step towards those dreams. Forward is forward but it’ll take time… and the best thing about time is that it will pass, so start today. What’s one thing you think everyone who wants a career in the knowledge-sharing industry needs to know? The things that come easy to you aren’t easy to everyone else – they are your genius spots… and truth be told, a lot of times we’re too close to our own genius to recognize that not everyone knows what we know. I’d like to start a business that makes an impact. What’s the first thing I should do?


Being successful takes way more than a good business idea. Sustained success requires attention to every detail – starting with your health. If you don’t take care of yourself first, it’s nearly impossible to take care of your loved ones, your business, or anything else in your life. Keep your mind and body sharp with this month’s Peak Performance Recipe!

Oven-Baked Salmon

Ingredients 12 ounce salmon fillet, cut into 4 pieces Coarse-grained salt Freshly ground black pepper Toasted Almond Parsley Salsa, for serving Baked squash, for serving, optional

Toasted Almond Parsley Salad: 1 shallot 1 tablespoons red wine vinegar Coarse grain salt 2 tablespoons capers, rinsed 1 cup fresh flat-leaf parsley 1/2 cup toasted almonds Extra-virgin olive oil

Directions 1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F.

2. Season salmon with salt and pepper. Place salmon, skin side down, on a non-stick baking sheet or in a non-stick pan with an oven-proof handle. Bake until salmon is cooked through, about 12 to 15 minutes. Serve with the Toasted Almond Parsley Salad and squash, if desired. Toasted Almond Parsley Salad: 1. Mince the shallot and add to a small bowl. Pour the vinegar over the shallots and add a pinch of salt. Let sit for 30 minutes. 2. Roughly chop the capers, parsley and almonds and add to the shallots. Add the olive oil, tasting as you go. Mix again and adjust the seasonings.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 177 Total Fat 11 g Saturated Fat 2.5 g Cholesterol 47 mg Sodium 170 mg Carbs 0 g Dietary Fiber 0 g Protein 17 g Sugar 0 g

The Better Life Challenge is a 30-day journey of making small yet powerful changes to feel more fulfilled, motivated and prepared for success and happiness. The great thing about the Challenge is that it applies to anyone, and you can follow the exercises on your time. It’s super simple, but it requires a commitment to a better life!

Try doing this one every day for a week. Use your phone to remind yourself. 1. Before you go to bed, put your phone on airplane mode. If you can, put it another room. 2. Sit on the edge of your bed. Take four deep breaths that look like this: inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds with your lungs full of air, exhale for 4 seconds, then hold with your lungs empty for 4 seconds. Remember “4, 4, 4, 4,” and repeat the cycle 4 times. 3. Think about two things that you’re grateful for today. 4. Think about two things that you wish could happen tomorrow, and envision them happening. Ask yourself: “What would it look like if these things happened for me?”

That’s it, you’re done. If you liked how that felt, do it every day. And don’t forget to share the routine with your family and friends!


SEAN STEPHENSON – Fairness Is An Illusion Sean has shared his message for decades across the country and around the world, sharing the stage with U.S. Presidents, billionaire business moguls and the Dalai Lama. He’s appeared on The Oprah Show and Jimmy Kimmel. He’s a board-certified therapist, doctor of Clinical Hypnosis and a bona fide coach and mentor.

No one got more than you. No one got more than me. Looking at me, you might think you got dealt a better hand. And looking at others, you might think they were born into success. Let me tell you something:

Look at my picture. What are you thinking right now? It’s probably something like, “I can’t imagine having to deal with what he has.” Let me tell you what I have that you don’t. If you give someone a business card without a photo on it, they won’t remember you in six weeks. But look at me.

Fairness is an illusion.

The moment you start feeling sorry for yourself, you’re playing the card of “I didn’t get enough.”

You can’t scrub me from your mind for the rest of your life. Isn’t that an advantage in marketing? I’ve been stared at since birth. Isn’t that an advantage?

Are you going to give up because you don’t think you have what it takes? Are you going to convince yourself that your dream isn’t possible? Don’t tell me something isn’t possible just because you can’t see it. Love others. If you don’t, you can’t love yourself. You’ll always let jealousy and anger and resentment control you. You’ll become a parasite, seeking approval of others and focusing on why you don’t have what they have. Money is a lover. If you become a parasite chasing after others to earn money, it will avoid you. Money doesn’t like clingy people. It doesn’t like when you talk about it and think about it too much. It doesn’t like when you obsess over it. Money will come to you if you don’t pay too much attention to it. Money likes when you focus on producing and following your own heart rather than following others. Money is attracted to confidence. let jealousy and anger and resentment control you. You’ll become a parasite, seeking approval of others and focusing on why you don’t have what they have.

I get a lot of attention. That’s my advantage. And the moment I know what to do with that attention, I become a tribal leader.

Whenever you feel like you’re not enough, you’re going in a downward spiral called insecurity. You are enough. Your ego has you in a chokehold the moment you think you’re not enough. Who told you that anyway? Where did you hear that you aren’t enough? Your neighbor, your parent, your boss? I’ve got some news for you – they lied. Don’t let anyone keep your glow on low. We tear each other down so no one passes us in life. It happens to all of us, and we do it to others. We don’t want anyone to have or to be more than us. We live with the illusion that fairness should exist. And it will never stop. The more you do cool shit, the more other people are going to turn up the volume on that. You have a choice to make when people try to tear you down. Are you going to stop and be apathetic? Are you going to get really angry? That isn’t going to do anything good for you, for them, or for the planet.


How two women went from selling ice cream in a postage truck to making millions.

Incredible stories of entrepreneurs who started from the bottom and built hugely successful business aren’t as rare as you might think.

Natasha Case and Freya Estreller bought an old postal van, paid to get it towed to Coachella and started a business that brings in millions of dollars in revenue.

Recently featured on, Coolhaus is the ice cream company born in 2009 from Case and Estreller’s brilliant decision. They sold their elevated ice cream sandwiches to Coachella attendees, realized they were onto something, and ran with it. According to the article, Coolhaus sold $7 million in revenues in 2016 and projects more than $15 million for this year. Not too bad for a company that started in a broken-down van. Coolhaus’s story is filled with lessons for entrepreneurs. First, it’s anexampleof usingexpertise innewandunexpected ways. Case and Estreller have backgrounds in the design and real estate fields with particular interest in architecture. They built their business on this foundation – using the names of architects and architecture that inspired them for their frozen treats. Next, they found their niche with flavors that can’t be found anywhere else. Their company website explains that their sweet-meets-savory flavors come from real meals that they’ve eaten. One of the strangest ice cream sandwiches is made with ginger cookies and chocolate wasabi ice cream…an idea they got while eating pickled ginger radish and wasabi at a sushi dinner.

A commitment to women’s empowerment, which is near to the founders’ hearts, has defined the business. Both founders are women and the team of 14 is composed of “empowered women leaders,” the article said. The business is successful for many reasons – but its essential ingredient is an authenticity of purpose. “It speaks to how we make things and how we think about the product and our audience,” Case told

”We have authenticity in that dialogue with our audience.”

T h e K n o w l e d g e B u s i n e s s B l u e p r i n t

The Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB) is the premier knowledge-sharing course available right now. The proven and tested 4-module, in-depth implementation program teaches you how to extract your wisdom, find those willing to pay for your knowledge and create and run wildly profitable and impactful small groups,

workshops, communities or Masterminds (whether in person or online!). It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any tech skills or any previous business experience. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program by three of the greatest entrepreneurs of this generation:



The Mindmint Software separates KBB from any online offer ever created. With the Mindmint Software there to act as your “personal assistant,” you will be able to use the Wisdom Extractor, Agenda Builder and Page Builder to market, sell and manage your events.

With our easy to follow checklists, you can have income flowing in, lives being impacted and events being run in weeks or even days from enrolling in the Knowledge Business Blueprint.

Extracting Your Expertise We turned the unknown expertise and walk you through a proven system to walking away KNOWING your superpower with 100% confidence! gray area of TRULY understanding your

True Mentorship

Not only will you learn from the likes of Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi & Russell Brunson inside KBB, but you will also have access to monthly ongoing training with Dean as he holds your hand to true success!

Reprograming For Success We crafted a way to reprogram your mind to be primed for success. REAL success takes years to achieve and countless failures. We will show you how to design your mind for success in just weeks.

Best Community On the Planet Our students join a worldwide community of people just like them; cheering them on to their next level DAILY! Plus, this is the only group in the world where Tony & Dean go LIVE with bonus training!

To learn more today: DGACHIEVE.COM


Kristine Travis has battled divorce and the death of close family members throughout her life. After realizing she was sitting out on what life was offering her, she decided to use her experiences to serve others. Travis invested in the Knowledge Business Blueprint course two months ago to jumpstart 1Life Strategy, her coaching business that helps couples “divorce nicely.” She has mastered this in her own life and is now sharing her story and wisdom with others, largely thanks to the guidance of the KBB Method.


Students in the Knowledge Business Blueprint course are turning their lifelong passions and stories into meaningful businesses. Here, we highlight those who go above and beyond by turning the knowledge they learned in KBB into businesses that make a difference.

“Stop acting like you get to live twice.” Kristine Travis doesn’t remember which website she was on three years ago when she saw this quote for the first time, but she does remember the feeling she had. The words ignited something inside her. They motivated her to turn years of unfulfilling jobs, family trauma and detachment into a life of purpose. ç

Kristine Travis is defined by her undeniable charm and a friendly disposition that makes strangers feel that they’ve known her for many years. She admits that she sometimes carries around the sadness that can accompany those with a powerful personality, but it does not consume her. “She’s really a positive person, no matter what’s going on,” said Stephanie Sperry, her friend of eight years. “She’s always given me really good advice. That’s her natural talent.” As is the case with her business, her personality is also a direct result of her past. Travis, now 46, was born and raised in Spokane, Washington, as Kristine Bender. The oldest of three siblings, she had first dibs at her parents’ best attributes. Her father’s allure (in his case, more of a guile) and her mother’s intensely loving nature exude from Kristine today, despite the absence of both in her life – for very different reasons.

After Travis first saw this quote, she made wholesale changes in her everyday life. She started saying “now” instead of “next time.” She decided to work for herself following her true passion: helping others. It started with general life coaching, but over the course of three years her career has evolved into a business defined by her life experiences. Travis founded 1Life Strategy, an homage to her favorite quote, in 2018 and now uses her experiences as a child of divorce and a divorced parent herself to help others. Her business counsels couples on how to maintain peace and cooperation throughout and after a divorce – she calls it “divorcing nicely” – with the ultimate goal of co-parenting in a way that is not at all disruptive to children. “I never want my kids to worry about seating charts,” she said. “Whether it’s high school graduations, weddings, whatever it is, my kids will never have to worry about where they put their parents.” Travis says she wouldn’t be where she is today, self- employed in a career that gives her purpose for the first time in her life, without the guidance of the Knowledge Business

When Travis was a kid, her parents’ relationship was far from copacetic. There was no abuse in her family, but her parents separated and got back together many times, she said. Their arguments rumbled through the house for her and her siblings to hear. In an attempt to calm the storms, as only kids can, the children wrote notes pleading for peace, turned them into paper airplanes and tossed them across the open floorplan toward their arguing parents. Travis and her siblings didn’t stop there to combat the disruption of their family. After their parents fought, the Bender kids would deeply clean whichever room of the house in which the argument occurred. Travis says this was a chance, in their young minds, to start fresh – an attempt to undo what ultimately could not be undone. Following many years of continual disagreement, her parents divorced when Travis was in her 20s. Her father went on to marry another woman within six months, and eventually divorced and remarried a number of times. Her mother never remarried.

Blueprint (KBB). The KBB course allowed Travis to connect her past to her present and showed her that she should focus on divorce counseling. KBB pulled her story out of her and infused it into her business. “Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins speak my energy,” she said. “These are my people, but I didn’t even know these guys existed. I had heard of Tony, but it’s different when you see them getting after it. “I was like, ‘Oh, I want that.”

At the time of the divorce, Travis was waiting tables at a local Spokane restaurant called The Onion. Because of her wit and charm, Travis was a natural in her waitressing role, which she held for much of her 20s while living in Washington and later in California. A career-placement test in high school indicated to Travis that she’d be proficient following any path, a result that was far less helpful than it was confusing. Though she excelled in the restaurant, she has spent most of her adult life unsure of her true purpose. This lack of direction led to jobs that included organizing a celebrity golf tournament – “These weren’t A- or B-list celebrities; these were D and F-listers” – working as a leasing agent, a live-in nanny and at a child development center.

When Travis was 28, she went to work for a company called Chassis Plans in San Diego. Her then-husband, Steve Travis, was working there at the time. Before she was hired, Steve had asked her to cover the front desk for a day because the office was short- staffed. Rather than sitting quietly, Kristine decided to reconcile and balance some of the company’s budget data. She figured if she was going to sit there, she might as well work – a mindset that earned her a job offer. Travis spent 10 years at Chassis Plans, the last time she worked for someone other than herself. When she discusses this period of her life, there’s an obvious absence of memorable career moments because she wasn’t passionate about her work. She left the company in 2011 and spent the next five years as a stay-at-home mother. Though Chassis Plans wasn’t as frustrating as previous jobs had been, she said most jobs she had held to that point had all ended for the same reason: “I was tired of making money for assholes.” If Travis’s career path was unsettling throughout her 20s and 30s, then her personal life was nothing short of tumultuous. She had some highs, which included the birth of her two children, Kassidy and Thomas. But the lows cast a shadow on much of her early adult life. Travis decided early on that her father wouldn’t be a part of her story. She disconnected from him entirely when she was 32. “When I was pregnant, I realized he could not be a part of my kids’ lives,” Travis said. “He would have been horrible for the kids.” Soon after the birth of her daughter,

Travis’s grandfather died. A quiet yet funny gentleman with endless jokes and a deep well of stories, Robert Skogman taught Travis to fish and showed her the power that grandparents can have on their grandchildren. Travis remembers kissing her grandfather’s forehead after he passed. She said it was the first time she tasted makeup. Very soon after her grandfather died, her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. But that didn’t stop Karen Skogman, Travis’s mother, from caring for her grandchildren. “My mom was a magical grandmother,” Travis said. “Being a grandma was her greatest joy.” During her mother’s four-year battle with cancer, Thomas was born. Kristine says it was amazing for her mother to be able to spend time with her grandchildren, but that it was also devastating to watch her fight so hard just to slowly get closer to death with each passing day. Karen died 11 months after Thomas was born. “She was an enigma,” Travis said of her mother. “She had a lot more depth and layers than I got to know.” Travis made sure her mother’s loss of life a celebration rather than a mourning, which she is still immensely proud of today. She brought her siblings to the Spokane River to kayak – one of her mother’s favorite pastimes – immediately after her mother’s death. Despite Kristine’s positive reaction to Karen’s death, it wasn’t void of tragedy. Travis found a collection of clippings that her mother had compiled following her divorce. They were all related to Kristine’s father – a sign that Karen had been building resentment and fighting heartbreak since she separated from her husband. To Kristine’s knowledge, her mother didn’t share these feelings with anyone, leading to a loneliness and isolation that Kristine fears

may have contributed to the development of her mother’s cancer. In the months that followed her mother’s death, Travis’s life didn’t get any easier. During her mother’s battle, Travis had been feeling underappreciated and unhappy in her marriage. She felt a lack of responsibility from Steve, but she fought to make the marriage work anyway. She said her marriage was on autopilot during her mother’s fight with cancer. Eventually, following 10 years of marriage, Travis decided to end her marriage shortly before Valentine’s Day in 2013. She had a conversation with Steve, then broke the news to her kids. “We’re going to have a nice divorce,” Travis told Kassidy and Thomas. She didn’t know it at the time, but this promise would become the root of her passion and the founding principle of her business today. After the conversation, in an ode to Travis’s promise to her children, the entire family went out to have dinner on the patio at Casa de Vandini in San Diego. About six years later in April of this year, after moving to Austin, Texas, and becoming a certified life coach, Travis was still feeling like something was missing. She was enrolled in a business strategy course, but it wasn’t quite bringing her the results she desired. She was trying to serve everyone, but that wasn’t effective for her because her reach was too broad. She needed a niche. Travis first heard about the Knowledge Business Blueprint course on entrepreneur Jenna Kutcher’s Instagram account. The description of the course was so engaging that Travis knew she wanted to buy it, but only had a budget of $2,000. When she saw the price was $1,997, she made the move. Early on in the course, Travis was prompted to identify her “superpower,” the skill or knowledge that she had to leverage. Despite years of searching for that very thing, it took little time with the instruction of the KBB course for her to realize that she should practice divorce coaching. The rest of her journey through the KBB course was a struggle, but one that she embraced. She said she battled “tech- induced narcolepsy,” as she calls it, which caused her to get overly drowsy and fall asleep while she tried to complete the modules. Yet the content was so compelling, she said, she persisted even in the toughest moments. As she was completing the course, Travis received a message from someone she didn’t recognize in response to a post she put in the KBB Facebook group. The messenger was Josh Bratcher, and he claimed to be from Dean Graziosi’s office. Travis didn’t buy it. “I full-on reprimanded him and said I was going to report him if hewasmisrepresenting himself,” she said. “Then I said, ‘But if you do work for Dean’s office, then of course I’ll be happy to talk to you.’”

Josh proved he was legitimate (he is the COO of, so Travis agreed to a phone call. Josh wanted to know what her plans were for the KBB course – what was her business? What were her goals? Travis surprised herself with her response, which would become the mantra for her business. “It was the first time I ever said out loud that I wanted to help people divorce nicely,” she recalls. “I had never said that.” Travis wasn’t familiar with Dean’s story, so Josh shared it with her. He told her about how Dean had gotten divorced and really valued the importance of keeping a strong relationship with an ex-spouse. Travis was pleasantly surprised with how well the call was going… and then it was over. For a few minutes afterward, Travis wondered what that was all about. She felt it was random but was glad it happened. And then Josh called back. “I told Dean your story, and he wants to fly you out here,” he told her. Travis had pledged to herself three years earlier that she would stop acting like she gets to live twice, so she said yes. An 18-hour day of scary weather and plane rides later, she was in Scottsdale, Arizona, meeting Dean Graziosi’s team and preparing to sit with him on a surprise livecast for the KBB community. Travis could not have been more of herself on the livecast. On the surface, Travis is self- deprecating, but in an endearing way. She seems to be constantly talking herself into her abilities, as though she must convince herself of her tremendous talent – not as if she feels it radiating within her. But it takes mere minutes to break through that layer and see her infectious confidence and heavy emotional drive. She somehow balances a youthful exuberance, not often seen in those over 40, with a serious, wise perspective. These complex personality traits were immediately apparent on camera. She first asked Dean which camera she was supposed to look at, a goofy move that is typical of Travis. Within oneminute of talking about her experience with the course, tears started falling from her big blue eyes. Travis can’t hold back tears. Every time she talks about her KBB experience and begins thinking about the moment she discovered her purpose, she starts to cry. Her passion is simply too overwhelming. Within another minute of the livecast, Dean had calmed her down and asked her to speak about her concept of divorcing nicely. Travis transitioned quickly from tears to storytelling, explaining with gusto that the KBB course helped her to find what she has searched for her entire life. “This is absolutely where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing,” Travis said on the livecast. Before long, Travis was back in Austin, Texas, back at work finishing up the KBB course and developing her business.

As she completed the course, Travis met a fellow KBB student in the Facebook group, Jessica Dubin. As a tech expert and Vice President of Connect2 It, a business aimed at maximizing your potential both mentally and physically, Dubin offered to help Travis with her website. Though Dubin originally wasn’t interested in continuing her career in technology, Travis’s story was attractive to her. With a family history of divorce, Dubin connected deeply with Travis’s mission to help children of divorce. “Kristine takes something as terrible and ugly and soul-wrenching as a divorce, a splitting up of a family, and she has a way of putting a fun spin on it to where it doesn’t have to be like that,” Dubin said. “She needs to be out there and she needs to do this... It feels good to be part of her journey.” Travis completed the Knowledge Business Blueprint course in early June. She already has a fully responsive website for 1Life Strategy at thanks to Dubin’s partnership. And she has a long- term plan to grow her business, one that involves relationship coaching for parents and their kids.

The KBB course showed Travis what her niche was. From identifying her superpower to finding her ideal clients, KBB has walked her through the entire process of building her business. She can feel that the momentum of her life has shifted. “This course really did make a big difference for her,” Sperry, her close friend, said. “She’s dialed in.” Kassidy and Thomas, now 14 and 11, are the roots of Travis’s passion. Her parents’ divorce and her mother’s and grandfather’s expert grandparenting are the branches, and 1Life Strategy is the fruit. Years and years of family arguments, unfulfilling jobs, apathy, and dissatisfaction with her career all led her to a business that will make a difference, and she believes that to her core. Travis knows she is where she’s supposed to be. “KBB really helped me,” she said. “Having someone as motivating as Dean and Tony was what I had been missing. “Not only was it my next step, it was my last step.”


Get real results with these strategies that have been used and proven by fellow Knowledge Brokers.


Seth is the CEO of Market Domination LLC, a direct response marketing firm. He is a highly successful and experienced marketer and podcaster who has used the Knowledge Business Blueprint course to take his efforts to the next level. He has hosted three Masterminds so far and has sold out all three in person, with between 20 and 40 attendees at each, while also earning money from nearly 100 online attendees. These have earned him around $5,000 each month. His Masterminds include personal development, direct response marketing and a “hot seat” segment to address individual stories.

Here are the (almost entirely free) strategies he used to fill his Masterminds!

TACTICAL TIP #1 Waterfall Email Marketing Strategy Seth’s company identified businesses that could benefit from his Mastermind topics. They sent individual emails to 4-5 people (we’ll call them John, Dave, Sam and Jane) at the same company and asked who at that business is in charge of a specific area of that company -- whatever area his Mastermind will cover. If Jane responds and says she is in charge of that area, then Seth’s company will explain its mission and ask to set up a phone call (to pitch the Mastermind). Ideally John, Dave and Sam all talk to each other about the emails and respond to the emails, all saying that Jane is the right person to contact. Then, John, Dave and Sam all go to Jane and say, “Hey, I sent this person to talk to you.” What Seth has found is that this creates a much warmer and friendlier encounter with the company than if he had just emailed one person. Once Seth is on the phone with Jane, she will feel more comfortable knowing that her coworkers all pointed Seth in her direction.

“Given all of your success, what’s your biggest challenge now?” Be sure to send an email the next day thanking your guests, and then a week or two later, craft another email. This time, show them some of the positive feedback you got about their episode, then say something like this: “I remember you said ____ was a challenge for you. I had an idea about that, would you mind jumping on a call for five minutes?” By putting these people on your podcast and not trying to sell them anything, you’ve developed a strong and trusting relationship. By the time you ask to share your idea, they’ll likely say yes, and then you can pitch your idea and offer to help (through your Mastermind).

Seth has found this strategy to convert podcast guests to Mastermind attendees around 60-70% of the time.

TACTICAL TIP #3 Use Effective Technology

Seth has taken advantage of two main programs to market and fill his Masterminds: the Meetup mobile app to find in- person Mastermind attendees, and for virtual attendees. The Meetup Pro app is designed to connect businesses to their audiences and build community – which is exactly what a Mastermind does. Seth vouches for it as one of the most effective ways he’s found to get people to his Masterminds in person. Cost: $30/month for Meetup Pro is an email marketing software that allows you to search for leads based on location and keywords, and then contact them through a built-in CRM. The product has a free trial period and offers many unique features to help you find the right people to fill your Masterminds. Cost: $47/month for Starter plan

This strategy has been incredibly successful in helping Seth sell out his Masterminds.

TACTICAL TIP #2 Podcasting

Seth has an extensive background in producing podcasts, but this tip can apply to anyone who is willing and able to start a podcast. Seth invites people on his podcast who he thinks could benefit from his Mastermind, but he doesn’t sell it as a sales pitch – he views it as giving his guests (future clients) exposure.

While on the podcast, Seth is sure to fit in this question to his guests:

Thousands of students have graduated from the Knowledge Business Blueprint course, and these are a special few!

Carlos Martinez from Florida “Officially done with the course, thanks to all for the support, time to go make some masterminds happen.”

Linda Stapleton from Missouri

Kevin Harris from Texas

Marc Jean Baptiste from Florida “I have done it, I have completed the course, I am now part of the 9%. Thank you Dean and Tony for the opportunity to be part of this amazing group and this training. And thank you to each and everyone of you KBB family your inspiring videos and messages.”

John Harris from South Africa

Shawna Peters from Indiana

“I am thrilled with the action I’ve taken and the progress I’ve made. I can’t wait to launch my program!”

Sarah King Taylor from Virginia “I am so excited to say.... This just happened! If you are still studying, hang in there, there is an end in sight! Take your time, but keep going. Graduation is just around the corner!”

Laura Lee Magana from California

Christopher Fawcett from England

Amanda Parks from Maryland

Jennifer DAmato from Arizona

Mike Schindler from Washington



Wasi Saleem has been as active as any in the KBB family, posting about everything from his success to tips for other KBBers to asking for help. Keep it up Wasi!


Renee Dominguez has never been scared to ask for guidance from the KBB family, and it’s worked in her favor. She hosted her first Ladies Empowerment Mastermind in June and said it was a huge success!



Adam Sell has been a positive force within the KBB family, offering compliments and guidance and sharing his remarkable journey through the course to encourage other KBBers!


Aaron Civitarese, aka Civi, posted a video to talk about what he’s learning…and give the non-action takers a kick in the butt. His story showed the power of KBB, and he wants everyone to experience it. You go, Civi!


MARIE FORLEO – How to Overcome Your Past Marie is an entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist who has built a socially conscious digital empire that touches millions. Beyond her award-winning show MarieTV, Marie has produced world- class online training programs, a book in 16 languages and an audience in 195 countries, which she leverages to help people dream big and back it up with action and results.

“I’m getting too old.” “I’m too young.” “I don’t have the skill set.”

all day long – and we’ve all got them – that we can use as proof to say that things never work out. You don’t have to rewrite your past. But you do have to keep taking actions and keep doing things. This is how we find proof that there’s a possibility for success. Here are a few tips for how to start overcoming past failures to find renewed purpose and success.

These false narratives, born from past failures, can go on forever if we don’t control them. We can talk about our stories

You have a mind, but you are not your mind. Your mind is the source of all of your self-doubts, all of your excuses and all of your bad memories. It’s the irrational voice in your head telling you things won’t work out. The more energy and attention you give it, that’s how loud it’s going to be. For me, it is so incredibly simple and so profoundly powerful when you realize this. When you can unwire yourself and end that continuous loop in your head, that’s when you can move ahead and make a real change. The more you shift your energy and attention to being present, to taking action, to just being , the more that false narrative recedes to the back of your consciousness and moves to the back of your life. Develop non-negotiable rituals each day to ground yourself. Give yourself a set of daily support rituals. When you’re grounded, you have somewhere to jump off of for the rest of your day. Here are the rituals I find most helpful: - Meditation If you get yourself into a state of hearing your own intuition, it will help you distinguish between your mind and your soul. So much of any courageous action comes from what you believe you should do. Your mind is not your soul, but it’s easy to confuse the two.

Your purpose may not come from a program or book or podcast. Meditation helps you distinguish your heart’s call. It lets you listen to the higher guidance within you. - Moving Move your body. Exercise. Your body will suffer if you don’t, but so will your creativity and your ability to engage with life. We all have days when we don’t think we have time for exercise. Don’t make it too formal. Even if you take a break to dance around in your kitchen, you’re giving your body the freedom to move. - Morning Meal Fuel your body with healthy, nutritious food. I make myself a healthy drink every morning. Even if it’s not at the start of your day, find time to have that regular meal that gives your body what it needs to support you. It all starts with how you respect and treat yourself. These daily rituals are small gifts to yourself. They are the catalyst to transforming all of the stories and things that hold us back. They are how you become unstoppable. Your life will start to support you if you support yourself.

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