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When you book a hotel room, you probably take a moment to check out the reviews before finalizing your reservation. If you happen to see a few one-star horror stories, you probably run for the digital hills in search of greener pastures. Dan Bell, a YouTuber with a channel called This Is Dan Bell., does just the opposite. You’ll find all sorts of strange hilarity on Bell’s channel, but we want to shine a particular black light on his “Another Dirty Room” series, which explores some of America’s lowest- rated and most-disgusting hotel and motel accommodations. Bell, along with his buddies Brennen Evangelista and Rick Serra, turn these rooms over in search of their hidden or, in some cases, not-so-hidden secrets. If you’ve only stayed in well-appointed Holiday Inns or the like, you will be shocked at what they find. A normal episode begins with a thorough once-over of the room, checking for poor maintenance and your garden-variety dirt and grime. The hosts often have a few beers

or shots during their exploration, and who could blame them? When you see these rooms, you may be driven to drink yourself! They’ve found drugs, bugs, broken toilets, and basically any other nightmare you can think of. Aside from these truly gross discoveries, they also make jokes about ill-fitting pillowcases and rock-hard mattresses. And that’s before they take out the literal black light to see which bodily fluids and other liquids are hiding in plain sight. We’ve probably all stayed in a hotel we’d like to forget about, but very few of us have spent a night in a pigsty worthy of “Another Dirty Room.” That’s something to be thankful for. When you watch these videos, you’ll be happy your only experience with these lodgings is vicarious. Unless, of course, pee-stained walls and bed bugs are your idea of a good time. To watch “Another Dirty Room” as well as Dan Bell’s other hilarious content, head to

YouTube Channel of the Month This IsDanBell.

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