2017 4TH Quarter Crime Report


Crimes Against Persons (NIBRS - Group A) Continued...

Overall total victims assigned to the Special Victims Section increased from 11,839 in 2016 to 12,933 in 2017. In the Fourth Quarter of 2017, the total number of victims assigned to the Special Victims Section increased by 12.8 percent compared to the Fourth Quarter of 2016. The number of victims assigned to the Crimes Against Children Unit de- creased 10.3 percent. The number of victims assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit increased 18.4 percent, and the number of victims assigned to the Sex Crimes Unit increased 17.5 percent in the Fourth Quarter of 2017 compared to the Fourth Quarter of 2016.

Figure 5- Fourth Quarter 2017, Special Victims Section

Cumulative Comparison January - December

Number of Victims Assigned


Oct - Dec 2017 Oct - Dec 2016 %Change 2017 2016 %Change

Crimes Against Children Unit



-10.3% 2,417 2,265 18.4% 10,036 9,147

6.7% 9.7%

Domestic Violence Unit



Sex Crimes Unit



17.5% 480






12.8% 12,933 11,839


The Fort Worth Police Department’s Special Victims Section includes the Domestic Violence Unit, Crimes Against Children Unit (CACU), Sex Crimes Unit, and the Sex Offender Registration and Monitoring Unit. The Domestic Violence Unit investigates incidents of domestic violence in partnership with the various agen- cies collocated under the One Safe Place umbrella (Tarrant County’s Family Justice Center). One Safe Place brings together a multi-agency task force, under one roof, dedicated to providing coordinated services to victims of domestic violence and their children.

The Crimes Against Children Unit’s mandate is to aggressively investigate abuse and sexual abuse of children under 17, as well as homicides of children under the age of six (in partnership with the various agencies under the Alliance for Children non-profit organization). The Sex Crimes Unit (SCU) investigates sexual assault cases, indecent exposures, public lewdness, improper photography, injury to the elderly in care facilities, stalking, and any other crime of a sexual nature involving adults of 17 years old and older.

The Sex Offender Registration and Monitoring Unit is responsible for ensuring sex offenders are in compliance with registration requirements.

The Sex Crimes Unit and the Victim Assistance Section continue to work with patrol officers, hold community meetings, and provide presentations to local colleges on ways to prevent sexual assault. The Sex Crimes Unit along with TCU offi- cials conduct information-exchange meetings to encourage discussion on ways to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim. The Victim Assistance Section continues to provide support services to victims of reported sexual assaults. Cold Case Sexual Assault Detectives have been successful in solving older cases involving multiple victims using DNA from incarcerated individuals. Technology advancements have also led to identifying stranger offenders.

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Fourth Quarter (Oct - Dec) Crime Report

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