2017 4TH Quarter Crime Report

Patrol Commander Rank Approved

Crime Lab: Wiping Out Waste Over the last year, the FWPD Crime Lab instituted a streamlined process to complete important work more efficiently. Using the acronym “DOWNTIME”, the Lean method focuses on finding and eliminating the following types of waste from workflows or processes:

The City Council approved the addition of six commander positions to the Patrol Bureau ranks on November 25 allowing the department to select officers who possess the leadership skills, intellect, experience, and dedication to build and maintain relationships in the community. Commanders will transform the organization and service delivery by:  Focusing on professionalism and organizational excellence;  Improving internal communication and mission focus (at the Divisional level);  Applying a more efficient organizational structure when compared to benchmark cities; and,  Supporting the department’s training strategy by reinforcing and implementing improvements.  Emphasizing community engagement and partnerships;

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O verproduction

W aiting

N on-use of employee talent

T ransportation

I nventory

M otion

E xcess processing The Latent Print Unit identified “Waiting” and “Excess Processing” as the main culprits keeping employees from peak efficiency. The unit reduced excess processing by researching the case backlog. Researching the status of cases to determine whether or not analysis was neces- sary saved time. Since this change, the backlog has been reduced by 75 percent - decreasing from 400 to 100 cas- es. To minimize waiting time, the unit reduced time spent on unnecessary print examinations by sending detectives modified reports when a search of the system indicated a set of latent prints is a match. This eliminated the need to conduct a full battery of tests on the prints. This small change reduced time spent on print examinations by 50 percent.

Turkey & Bike Giveaways The Fort Worth Police Department teamed up with Fort Worth Metro, a nonprofit organization, for the Turkey and Christmas Bike Giveaway events. Between November 13 and 14, more than 500 turkeys were given to families at Rosedale Park and Carter Park Elementary School. On December 11 and 12, more than 500 bikes were deliv- ered to children in the Stop Six community and Carter Park Elementary School.

Recruit Class 144 began their journey towards becoming a Fort Worth police officers on April 17, 2017. The jour- ney lasted for 34 weeks with graduation commencing on December 8, 2017 with a class of forty-five new officers. The officers are assigned to different patrol divisions riding with a Field Training Officer for fourteen weeks. Upon successful completion of field training, the officer will be released to solo status. Recruit Class 144 Graduation

Section V - Department Initiatives


Fourth Quarter (Oct - Dec) Crime Report

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